The Conservative government seem to be in a desperate fight against the internet, freedom of expression and anybody that is not rich that dare to express their “controversial, extremist” political opinions online. The Internet is not the only thing that David Cameron is fighting even mainstream TV is promoting extremism according to David Cameron as he backed plans to give Ofcom stronger powers to prevent the broadcast of “extremist messages” despite concerns from one of his own cabinet ministers that this could amount to state censorship.

If the Conservative want to silence extremism shutting the fuck up would be a good place to start, that step would probably eradicate 90% of the extremism that I hear. David Cameron and his friends in the media spew the most hate filled extremism that is available on the internet and over the counter, does David Cameron plan to silence the extremism of the British media? Of course not without the extremist, fear mongering and biased propaganda printed by the media David Cameron would be out of a job.

David Cameron is a man that openly detests every kind of freedom other than economic freedom, I find it disturbing and offensive that a man with views as extreme as David Cameron can suggest that people that oppose his extremism are extremists.

What is David Cameron and his “state censorship” trying hide? Because anyone with a IQ of above 15 should be able to work out that “protecting children” is NOT the real purpose of this state censorship like the government claim it is, protecting themselves is the real purpose. Protecting themselves from further embarrassment and exposure, High expenses, secret deals with media outlets that effectively turns the “media outlet/newspaper” into a Conservative Public Relations outlets. Leon Brittan, Jimmy Savile have been exposed, Ted Heath (Still to be exposed by the mainstream) Tony Blair and many other stories are in the works, I believe that this attack on freedom is merely to cover up what millions of us already know and that’s the problem they face, we already know! Some of us do not need the mainstream media to tells, I was reading about Cliff Richard and Leon Brittan months before the mainstream exposed it.

At first I was not sure of the legitimacy of the claims, I did not dismiss but there was doubt, but one by one they are coming out in to the mainstream, my point is; Censorship is not going to help, it is too late we (the people) already know that our MPs are merely a group of perverted, overpaid puppets!


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