The people are being silenced by Google and their government and corporate backed advertising restrictions.

The Internet is now a complete farce, the information online is highly manipulated and Google’s new advertising policy is blatantly an attack on people. Google even have the nerve to make “priority channels” exempt from from following the rules to their new advertising policy.

Nowadays Google seem to want only positive, happy videos about bunny rabbits and ice cream. YouTube is NO PLACE for citizens reporting news, vlogging, stating a political opinion or criticizing the government and corporations. I mean why would people want to do that anyway?

Videos from people that have the nerve to believe that they should be entitled to have and freely express a political opinion are being removed and channels are being taken down. I personally know of at least ten channels that have been completely removed and shut down.

SOME of these channels did contain some pretty controversial ideas and material and some I was not a fan of but NOBODY should have the right to silence somebody else’s ideas and views least of a giant parasite like Google who act in the interest of the establishment and government (and not the truth) every time.

These corporations and governments that pushed for Google and Facebook to act this way had different agendas for wanted these changes. For the governments of the UK and USA the internet turned in to an embarrassment, an encyclopedia of insults, criticism and exposures. From pedogate, pizzagate, the MPs expenses scandal and much more the government started to hate the Internet.

For the corporate media the Internet was destroying the need for them and their inaccurate, politically motivated “journalism.”

Newspaper sales are plummeting and these corporations have not found a way to make good enough profit online. The Sun is Britain’s best selling newspaper and a pretty popular website until they went behind a paywall, why would anybody pay for that shit when we have the whole of the Internet as an alternative?

For the Corporate media its about control and profit.