The HMRC are attacking and financially starving truthers. They pick on individuals that expose the truth and use all their resources to destroy them.

So far in 2017 alone Her Majorities revenue and customs have disabled me from acting as a business. After destroying my business they left me with no money at all for sixteen weeks. Then they began to pay me £566 pound per month £300 to cover rent £266 to live on (under the condition I look for work 35 hours per week.)

After five months of receiving £566 per month they then send me a council tax bill for £720 (for five months in a FUCKING bedsit.) I have actually been summoned to court and face a possible prison sentence if I do not pay (I don’t have the money to pay and £720 for them to empty my bins every two weeks and street lights is extortion.)

Just to add to the stress that they attempt to cause me, yesterday I receive a letter stating they over paid me £500 last year! Not to worry though because they will simply take it out of my benefits! How FUCKIN nice of them.

I see this as a personal attack on me, why? The “decision” to put me out of business come just after I began to post a series of blogs exposing peadophiles and rapists in the British government. The blog included a small segment exposing the fact that even the Queen of England has been connected to missing children cases. Read full exposure here

If I end up in prison for this I want EVERYBODY to know what happened. It ain’t about council tax or lack of a business plan (the reason I was sent out of business according to HMRC.) The satanic, demonic, inbreed reptilians are trying to silence me, if I go anywhere you know why.