They own and have contaminated the food and water supply; your food is now full of chemicals and artificial flavours many of which are known to be unsafe many others are suspected as being unsafe. Even your tap water contains ingredients like Liquified chlorine, Fluorosilicic acid, Aluminium sulphate, Calcium hydroxide and Sodium silicofluoride.
Our food is full of Chemicals such as MSG, Potassium sorbate, Soduim Sorbate, Calcium Sorbate, Sulphur Dioxide, Sodium Sulphite, Potassium Acetate, Aspartame, Propane, Magnesium salts of fatty acids, Potassium phosphate, human embryo kidney cells, an endless list of cancer causing chemicals
The side effects of the chemicals added to food range from short term side effects like headaches, acne, constipation, eczema, hyperactivity, body odor to long term and more serve effects like Crohns Disease, Asthma, high blood pressure, Alzheimers and of course cancer
They offer us expensive vaccinations which are untested and claimed to be unsafe by many and caused many deaths and complications, they are of course bought from corporations at the expense of the tax payer and contain some very strange ingredients, yet they offer very little care when people are taken ill and actually need the care.
As well as the many chemicals in our food some also point to chem trails and the strange ingredients of vaccinations which are known to contain strange ingredients such as Aspartame, Rhesus fetal lung tissue culture, Chicken embryo, monkey kidney cell culture, Calf serum protein, Human diploid tissue cultures and many other strange ingredients.
The drugs industry, pharmaceutical corporations and even charities oppress natural medicines while backing much more expensive and dangerous methods as profit is priority.
Right now as the masses sleep over 2 million Americans are stuck in the prison system and effectively used as slaves. Prison and the prison system has become big business. Many people are being harshly punished for petty crimes including Cannabis possession and failure to pay tax.
Tax is theft and this is especially true when tax is used to fight wars, fund nuclear weapon programmes, bailout banks and pay wages and grants to multinational corporations that make millions but pay no tax themselves.
The benefits system pays as little as sixty pound per week as they threaten people with poverty instead of luring people to work with better living standards and the opportunity of affording to buy their house.
The system is rigged many people are working seven days a week just to pay rent to their rich land lords and are effectively paying off their mortgages.
They already feed from our mere existence when you get paid they get paid they are parasitic in nature.
You are in a prison your freedom is an illusion you are a slave to the ruling elite you are just cattle merely a number.
Your water is corporate owned and simply collecting rainwater in many states of the USA is a crime and only limited collection is allowed in the UK.
This is keep people dependant on the corporation. As I stated earlier they feed from our existence.
Money is the biggest illusion of them all and their most effective tool when it comes to enslaving us. Money is not real; it holds no real value because it is backed up by nothing.
Despite this fact money controls the world as well as our lives on a personal level; this is what it was created to do.
Everything is about control they control money to control mankind.
They tell us they are fighting wars the war on terrorism, the war on extremism, the war on drugs are all justifications for the only real war they are fighting, the war on your freedom.
They use race, religion, class, wealth, politics, propaganda and hate to divide us as they feed from our negativity, nativity and ignorance.
Mankind is under a hypnotic trance bought on by being encouraged and rewarded for repeating and obeying throughout youth. Individualism is under attack as well as freethinking and creativity.
They are turning us into drones, they want us state dependant and stupid. You think you are free yet simply collecting rainwater is a crime and regulated. You think you are free yet your prisons are full of drug users and petty criminals who are harshly punished as violent offenders and even rapists are treated softly.
The world’s elite have been consistently connected to corruption, war mongering, greed, censorship and exploitation all over the world even more concerning is constant connection to paedophile rings and cover ups and strange ritualistic cults that act in unity with each other and in secret but at the same time in plain sight.
As I speak the government of the UK and USA are employing financial fascism on its poorest citizens. They are intentionally creating a system that enables them to use us as their slaves.
Who are these people?
In short the answer is the establishment but the detailed answer is a long one.
It’s the rich, the aristocrats, the hierarchies, the monarchies and the bankers. The corporate owners, the mainstream media, certain high ranking government officials, high ranking police and army officials, lawyers, judges, journalists and many others as they put themselves and their puppets in position of power, authority and high financial reward.

But they need their puppets. The education system is designed to filter out certain levels of thinking within professions and this is especially true within the media, teaching, police and healthcare professions. In most cases the people the people doing the oppressing not even realize that they are oppressing, they are conditioned, programmed to the point of hypnotized and simply doing their jobs the way they have been trained to their jobs.
The tax and benefits systems are unfair, over complicated and designed to extort, create debt and enslave as well as blind us with the science of it all. It feeds the elite because it is designed to feed them. They don’t even pay tax we pay tax to fund their nuclear weapon programmes, corporate handouts and police state.
We are systematically oppressed and feed lies by the corporate media, we are charged much more than the food is worth and still feed cheap chemically enhanced junk by the corporate food industry, and we are highly taxed on low quality mass produced rubbish for the privilege.
They have us literally running in circles; they interfere with every aspect of our lives.
They have created our most dangerous enemies to justify big military budgets and endless wars that are unwinnable, war is big business.

They are shutting us down.


You are being attacked! You are being spied on and systematically lied to on a daily basis. Right now as you watch this video you are being watched yourself.  

You are being monitored, databased and categorized as well as programmed to accept it.

There are people in the world that are attempting to take your freedom. They are doing it in the name of national security but once they have taken your freedom you will have no security.

A vast proportion of the world’s wealth, land and businesses are in the hands of a very small amount of people. They own all mainstream media and use their powers to oppress alternative media, political movements and the truth. Much of the alternative media that has survived Google’s massacre of YouTube and freedom of speech is now or always was in the hands and under the control of the mainstream corporate media as they spread disinformation and slander.


These people control nearly everything that you watch, read and listen to and the education system these are among their most effective weapons.

Our society suffers from mass hypnosis everything is placed to either distract you control you or both.

They use the education system and the entertainment industry to control the way that we think from a very young age.

These people are murderers from families of murderers in fact there bloodlines consistently committed war crimes, genocide’s, political assassinations and mass murder as well as slavery and exploitation against mankind for hundreds of years.

Our history books are lies the truth gets intentionally lost as the lies and propaganda out number it. The truth becomes the lie and the lie becomes the truth.

Information on the internet is manipulated as controversial sites are being shut down or made inaccessible as Google prioritize the mainstream media’s propaganda. The internet is becoming a farce, every year more and more sites and videos are being taken down in an attempt to conceal truth. 

The government use terrorism and extremism as an excuse to do this.

Many people will be watching this thinking to themselves “this is bullshit” But…….

To this day thousands of children die on a daily basis due to hunger related illnesses and live in extreme poverty. There are individuals in the world that have more money than nations and one family have control of the vast majority of the world’s banks.

They are using us as slaves and that is not all.

They are intentionally dumbing us down the failing education system is preventing and denying the working and poorer classes the right to equal opportunity. This is intentional. Children are rewarded for repeating and originality is frowned upon. The education system is conditioning them to accept their place in society and taking away the ability to think critically and independently. School uniforms, the national curriculum, peer pressure and the fear of being deemed as being “wrong” is all designed to create easily manageable future citizens. Schools are designed to benefit the establishment not the pupils. 

Why do so many schools insist on school uniform? Why are all children given the same subjects? It children are expected to be flexible to the schools requirements as opposed to the school being flexible to the child’s requirements. Schools are taking the identity and individuality of our children.

We accept that teachers lie and we know that teachers are forced to stick to a script yet we still encourage our children to obey, listen and repeat.

In the long term a child’s obedience to school becomes obedience to the state. But what is the state?

The state is the government, the establishment, the super-rich, the oppressors, the state is the enemy.

These people own almost every corporation that exists. Local businesses are destroyed to make way to giant businesses that operate on a global scale pay as little as possible sometimes their wage bills are even partially funded by governments like in the UK where scheme’s like workfare would contribute to the employees wage for local businesses competing with corporations is impossible.

They own the government. Most politicians are controlled by businesses or sometimes even rich individuals a modern day politician does not choose policy based on their own personal beliefs or public opinion they base policy around money.