Drug dealers in the UK receive harsher punishments than child rapists!

The headline to this blog sounds stupid and unrealistic but its true and I can prove it. John McCallum was sentenced to a pretty lenient ten years for the repeated rape of his nieces Tracy and her twin sister Rachel Steadwood, now 38 and from Edinburgh, they were just six years old when their childhood came to an end due to this man’s abuse.

Just three years into his sentence and John McCallum is to be let out of jail for home visits after less than a third of his sentence (according to the Daily record in December 2016.)

Curtis Warren on the other hand Conspiracy to smuggle cannabis: 13 years, Manslaughter: 4 years (an act of self defense as he killed another prisoner that attacked him with a punch  the prisoners head hit the floor and he died later in hospital,)  Shipment of drugs to the Netherlands: 12 years and armed robbery (I cannot find any information on his armed robbery charge) has spent all but five weeks of the last 17 years in jail (according to the Guardian in October 2013) and has still not been released.

So lets look at the facts Conspiracy to smuggle cannabis is punished with 13 years, the repeated rape of two children that were as young as three when the abuse started gets ten years, WTF is that?

How and why does this happen? The answer is simple and predictable. The government and prison system is not there to protect children or people but to control people and protect governments and their puppet masters.

As far as the government is concerned smuggling cannabis (a herb scientifically speaking) is more of a priority than justice for rape victims because the government is more interested in control than justice.


Facebook dying and desperately trying to cling on to life?

How many people still use Facebook? Millions obviously but I see a decline in Facebook usage. When I used to enter my Facebook account there would be as many as 40, 50 of my friends on it at busy times nowadays 20 or 30 is as many as I see. I once had thousands of followers on Facebook but I don’t really use Facebook much anymore this is due to Facebook’s censorship policy. I had thousands of followers on Facebook and at one time could potentially reach hundreds of thousands of people with a single post. This was not only useful but it was brilliant for people like me working on a zero budget. By the time I finished with Facebook my posts were reaching 10 to 20 people, what good is that? And how does that happen considering I had thousands of followers? Only one explanation strict politically motivated censorship. Facebook claim that Facebook usage is still growing!

Like I said this put me off Facebook,  in the end Facebook become a waste of my time. A few months later I started a new Facebook page and a new account and this page was doing OK until Facebook deny me access to entering the account. They wanted me to prove my identity using photo ID to access this account, I have no photo ID.

I have three Facebook accounts a personal one (that I don’t use) and two that I use occasionally to post blogs and links to political and relevant pages. After going weeks without logging in to these accounts I sign in to one of my email addresses to my surprise I have messages from facebook informing me that I have notifications and three messages! This surprised me as I do not use this account to message people and I only have a very small amount of friends on these accounts. These friends are people that liked my posts and sent me friend requests.

I log in to my account to read these messages and to my surprise I have NO messages! So why are Facebook emailing me false information? Well when I log in to Facebook that makes me an active user! I think they are doing this to create the illusion that people still give a fuck about Facebook. How desperate and lame from a desperate and lame site.

If Facebook did not attempt to silence their users maybe they would not have to rely on lying to their users to get them to log in.

Facebook stats are false and Facebook is dying and this is a lame and desperate attempt to breath life back in to it. Too little, too late.