The HMRC are attacking and financially starving truthers. They pick on individuals that expose the truth and use all their resources to destroy them.

So far in 2017 alone Her Majorities revenue and customs have disabled me from acting as a business. After destroying my business they left me with no money at all for sixteen weeks. Then they began to pay me £566 pound per month £300 to cover rent £266 to live on (under the condition I look for work 35 hours per week.)

After five months of receiving £566 per month they then send me a council tax bill for £720 (for five months in a FUCKING bedsit.) I have actually been summoned to court and face a possible prison sentence if I do not pay (I don’t have the money to pay and £720 for them to empty my bins every two weeks and street lights is extortion.)

Just to add to the stress that they attempt to cause me, yesterday I receive a letter stating they over paid me £500 last year! Not to worry though because they will simply take it out of my benefits! How FUCKIN nice of them.

I see this as a personal attack on me, why? The “decision” to put me out of business come just after I began to post a series of blogs exposing peadophiles and rapists in the British government. The blog included a small segment exposing the fact that even the Queen of England has been connected to missing children cases. Read full exposure here

If I end up in prison for this I want EVERYBODY to know what happened. It ain’t about council tax or lack of a business plan (the reason I was sent out of business according to HMRC.) The satanic, demonic, inbreed reptilians are trying to silence me, if I go anywhere you know why.


Strawberry flavoured Cranberries – WOLVOMAN80



THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT are unfairly extorting me with tax bills that exceed my income.

The end of Google is nigh and I shall laugh when Google falls.

I don’t like using the word hate too much but when it comes to Google I FUCKING HATE THEM. Why? Because they are scam artist, control freak, elitist puppets. Google is so blatantly sponsored by the government and powerful and used to oppress anybody with their own mind.

Last night I upload a video on to YouTube, after eight hours it had 29 views and the view count completely stopped moving. I was pissed off because I have over 26000 subs (not bragging stating a fact) I would have expected a few hundred views at least.

Unfortunately for me I made a little bit of a rant a few years ago (on a video that received nearly hundred thousand views and many more on the many reposts as I gave away free downloads.)

In this rant I called Sergey Brin and Larry page inbreed looking, greedy parasites and called for them to stop government and corporate friendly manipulation of the internet…. Probably a bad idea (for my career as a YouTuber) to call those disgusting, inbreed looking, parasites, disgusting inbreed looking parasites (if you follow.)

I removed my video and reuploaded it this morning it is now stuck on 18 views and Google (as shown in many previous posts) have spent the last few months disabling advertiser revenue on my videos because they are “not advertiser friendly” but they still advertise on Frankie Boyle, Eminem, Biggie Smalls and so on. I might be saying some crazy shit but nothing compared to what they say.

Many of my videos are not allowed to make money.

I would be down and pissed off about these setbacks but Google is dying. What has Google ever created? FUCK ALL. They simple bought ideas and oppressed and destroyed them.

They oppress real people talking real shit and promote corporate propaganda and bullshit, there is nothing to like about Google.

I believe Google and Facebook are slowly dying but still desperately trying to cling to life Google have began to enter the smartphone industry and Facebook are giving false stats to hide lower usage (I believe based on activity of my friends on Facebook.)

I would like God to put a curse on Facebook and Google may everything they touch turn to worthless shit and may they repeatedly fail in their quest to destroy freedom of any kind.

They Live We Sleep – 2017 Documentary – Part One.


They Live We Sleep – 2017 Documentary By WOLVOMAN80 – Part One.

(NOT ADVERTISER FRIENDLY) Limited or no ads due to content identified as not suitable for all advertisers.
Review requested. Right now we are only able to review videos with at least 1,000 views in the past 7 days. We’ll review your video once it reaches that threshold.

Watch out for Part Two.

Google vs Wolvoman80 (They are still refusing payments and attempting to shut down my YouTube channel.)

I know what you are thinking! Everybody is being “censored and oppressed by Google” at least they think they are but I can prove much of what I say with a collection of screen shots like the screen shots below that shows that many of my videos are “not advertiser friendly.”

Some like the ones below have NO explanation as to why I am allowed to advertise on them.

I was watching Frankie Boyle the other day (he has to be my favorite comedian he is funny as fuck.) I was watching it on YouTube with adverts located every fifteen minutes. He starts joking about the possibility Members of Parliament are hiding children in a basement and the ridiculous animal like noises that politicians make are merely attempts to cover up the children screaming!

That is Advertiser friendly.

Eminem tunes in which he rapes his mom and kills his girlfriend.

That is advertiser friendly.

Nikki Manaj Repeatably calling somebody a stupid Hoe.

That is advertiser friendly.

Alex Jones and Mark Dice’s pro Trump rants are advertiser friendly.

I am not. WTF? Where do I go wrong? Is it because I criticize Google, the parasites of the Internet a giant Pacman like creature that devours everything in sight? First Google refused to pay me because I used news clips (so I stopped using them,) then because I used copy-written music (so I made my own music) now because I am “not advertiser friendly.” I get the feeling Google just don’t want to pay me, In their own words and stats they owed me 12000 USD until it just cleared and reset to zero without me ever receiving a payment!


They own and have contaminated the food and water supply; your food is now full of chemicals and artificial flavours many of which are known to be unsafe many others are suspected as being unsafe. Even your tap water contains ingredients like Liquified chlorine, Fluorosilicic acid, Aluminium sulphate, Calcium hydroxide and Sodium silicofluoride.
Our food is full of Chemicals such as MSG, Potassium sorbate, Soduim Sorbate, Calcium Sorbate, Sulphur Dioxide, Sodium Sulphite, Potassium Acetate, Aspartame, Propane, Magnesium salts of fatty acids, Potassium phosphate, human embryo kidney cells, an endless list of cancer causing chemicals
The side effects of the chemicals added to food range from short term side effects like headaches, acne, constipation, eczema, hyperactivity, body odor to long term and more serve effects like Crohns Disease, Asthma, high blood pressure, Alzheimers and of course cancer
They offer us expensive vaccinations which are untested and claimed to be unsafe by many and caused many deaths and complications, they are of course bought from corporations at the expense of the tax payer and contain some very strange ingredients, yet they offer very little care when people are taken ill and actually need the care.
As well as the many chemicals in our food some also point to chem trails and the strange ingredients of vaccinations which are known to contain strange ingredients such as Aspartame, Rhesus fetal lung tissue culture, Chicken embryo, monkey kidney cell culture, Calf serum protein, Human diploid tissue cultures and many other strange ingredients.
The drugs industry, pharmaceutical corporations and even charities oppress natural medicines while backing much more expensive and dangerous methods as profit is priority.
Right now as the masses sleep over 2 million Americans are stuck in the prison system and effectively used as slaves. Prison and the prison system has become big business. Many people are being harshly punished for petty crimes including Cannabis possession and failure to pay tax.
Tax is theft and this is especially true when tax is used to fight wars, fund nuclear weapon programmes, bailout banks and pay wages and grants to multinational corporations that make millions but pay no tax themselves.
The benefits system pays as little as sixty pound per week as they threaten people with poverty instead of luring people to work with better living standards and the opportunity of affording to buy their house.
The system is rigged many people are working seven days a week just to pay rent to their rich land lords and are effectively paying off their mortgages.
They already feed from our mere existence when you get paid they get paid they are parasitic in nature.
You are in a prison your freedom is an illusion you are a slave to the ruling elite you are just cattle merely a number.
Your water is corporate owned and simply collecting rainwater in many states of the USA is a crime and only limited collection is allowed in the UK.
This is keep people dependant on the corporation. As I stated earlier they feed from our existence.
Money is the biggest illusion of them all and their most effective tool when it comes to enslaving us. Money is not real; it holds no real value because it is backed up by nothing.
Despite this fact money controls the world as well as our lives on a personal level; this is what it was created to do.
Everything is about control they control money to control mankind.
They tell us they are fighting wars the war on terrorism, the war on extremism, the war on drugs are all justifications for the only real war they are fighting, the war on your freedom.
They use race, religion, class, wealth, politics, propaganda and hate to divide us as they feed from our negativity, nativity and ignorance.
Mankind is under a hypnotic trance bought on by being encouraged and rewarded for repeating and obeying throughout youth. Individualism is under attack as well as freethinking and creativity.
They are turning us into drones, they want us state dependant and stupid. You think you are free yet simply collecting rainwater is a crime and regulated. You think you are free yet your prisons are full of drug users and petty criminals who are harshly punished as violent offenders and even rapists are treated softly.
The world’s elite have been consistently connected to corruption, war mongering, greed, censorship and exploitation all over the world even more concerning is constant connection to paedophile rings and cover ups and strange ritualistic cults that act in unity with each other and in secret but at the same time in plain sight.
As I speak the government of the UK and USA are employing financial fascism on its poorest citizens. They are intentionally creating a system that enables them to use us as their slaves.
Who are these people?
In short the answer is the establishment but the detailed answer is a long one.
It’s the rich, the aristocrats, the hierarchies, the monarchies and the bankers. The corporate owners, the mainstream media, certain high ranking government officials, high ranking police and army officials, lawyers, judges, journalists and many others as they put themselves and their puppets in position of power, authority and high financial reward.

But they need their puppets. The education system is designed to filter out certain levels of thinking within professions and this is especially true within the media, teaching, police and healthcare professions. In most cases the people the people doing the oppressing not even realize that they are oppressing, they are conditioned, programmed to the point of hypnotized and simply doing their jobs the way they have been trained to their jobs.
The tax and benefits systems are unfair, over complicated and designed to extort, create debt and enslave as well as blind us with the science of it all. It feeds the elite because it is designed to feed them. They don’t even pay tax we pay tax to fund their nuclear weapon programmes, corporate handouts and police state.
We are systematically oppressed and feed lies by the corporate media, we are charged much more than the food is worth and still feed cheap chemically enhanced junk by the corporate food industry, and we are highly taxed on low quality mass produced rubbish for the privilege.
They have us literally running in circles; they interfere with every aspect of our lives.
They have created our most dangerous enemies to justify big military budgets and endless wars that are unwinnable, war is big business.

They are shutting us down.


You are being attacked! You are being spied on and systematically lied to on a daily basis. Right now as you watch this video you are being watched yourself.  

You are being monitored, databased and categorized as well as programmed to accept it.

There are people in the world that are attempting to take your freedom. They are doing it in the name of national security but once they have taken your freedom you will have no security.

A vast proportion of the world’s wealth, land and businesses are in the hands of a very small amount of people. They own all mainstream media and use their powers to oppress alternative media, political movements and the truth. Much of the alternative media that has survived Google’s massacre of YouTube and freedom of speech is now or always was in the hands and under the control of the mainstream corporate media as they spread disinformation and slander.


These people control nearly everything that you watch, read and listen to and the education system these are among their most effective weapons.

Our society suffers from mass hypnosis everything is placed to either distract you control you or both.

They use the education system and the entertainment industry to control the way that we think from a very young age.

These people are murderers from families of murderers in fact there bloodlines consistently committed war crimes, genocide’s, political assassinations and mass murder as well as slavery and exploitation against mankind for hundreds of years.

Our history books are lies the truth gets intentionally lost as the lies and propaganda out number it. The truth becomes the lie and the lie becomes the truth.

Information on the internet is manipulated as controversial sites are being shut down or made inaccessible as Google prioritize the mainstream media’s propaganda. The internet is becoming a farce, every year more and more sites and videos are being taken down in an attempt to conceal truth. 

The government use terrorism and extremism as an excuse to do this.

Many people will be watching this thinking to themselves “this is bullshit” But…….

To this day thousands of children die on a daily basis due to hunger related illnesses and live in extreme poverty. There are individuals in the world that have more money than nations and one family have control of the vast majority of the world’s banks.

They are using us as slaves and that is not all.

They are intentionally dumbing us down the failing education system is preventing and denying the working and poorer classes the right to equal opportunity. This is intentional. Children are rewarded for repeating and originality is frowned upon. The education system is conditioning them to accept their place in society and taking away the ability to think critically and independently. School uniforms, the national curriculum, peer pressure and the fear of being deemed as being “wrong” is all designed to create easily manageable future citizens. Schools are designed to benefit the establishment not the pupils. 

Why do so many schools insist on school uniform? Why are all children given the same subjects? It children are expected to be flexible to the schools requirements as opposed to the school being flexible to the child’s requirements. Schools are taking the identity and individuality of our children.

We accept that teachers lie and we know that teachers are forced to stick to a script yet we still encourage our children to obey, listen and repeat.

In the long term a child’s obedience to school becomes obedience to the state. But what is the state?

The state is the government, the establishment, the super-rich, the oppressors, the state is the enemy.

These people own almost every corporation that exists. Local businesses are destroyed to make way to giant businesses that operate on a global scale pay as little as possible sometimes their wage bills are even partially funded by governments like in the UK where scheme’s like workfare would contribute to the employees wage for local businesses competing with corporations is impossible.

They own the government. Most politicians are controlled by businesses or sometimes even rich individuals a modern day politician does not choose policy based on their own personal beliefs or public opinion they base policy around money.

Britain is a country of extortion, forced labour, forced poverty and rich parasites.

“Great” Britain is a joke, a joke that stopped being funny along time ago, its a piss take! About nine months ago I was on Working Tax credits, I was receiving payments of working tax credit every week and receiving small payments from Google Adsense, Amazon, Create Space plus I was selling DVDs at local markets (an idea that led to me being harassed by the police in Birmingham, despite the fact I printed the law out from a government website which proved I was allowed “as the creator” of the video to sell with NO permission anyway I want including markets and door to door.)

The HMRC decided I was not earning enough to continue to claim self employment benefits (despite no cap being mentioned on their website and to the bafflement of Jobcentre staff.)

Without NO warning they stop all my benefits and leave me with just the money I was earning on-line to live on. I appeal against their decision that I am not entitled to working tax credit (because their own website shows that I “could be” entitled to working tax credits, as shown above) a process they tell me will only take two weeks.

Meanwhile I receive NO benefits. I have by now spent all of the money that I had managed to save before the HMRC’s massacre of my business and I am forced to live from family handouts. I have been FORCED to claim Universal Credit and I am still waiting for a payment as I have lived about six weeks waiting for an appeal that was only going to take two weeks with nothing. The delay came because of a change of address, I’m not sure why me moving house could or would delay an appeal this way but it did.

After about sixteen weeks with no money at all and an appeal still in progress and a loan of three hundred and eight pound sent to me (three hundred went to my rent) I finally receive a payment of £566 from universal credit again three hundred for rent.

To receive this money I have to be actively looking for work 35 hour a week! FORCED LABOUR. If I don’t obey their instructions I could receive a benefit sanction and have literally no money. No eating, electric, no gas and eventually no home.

I am surviving on £266 a month and have been for about five months. Today I wake up only to see a letter this letter is demanding the intimidate payment of £742 pound council tax.

They claim they have been trying to contact me but I have been ignoring them! How dare I ignore them?

Under my desk I have a pile of paper work. You would think I was a corporation with thousands of employees. Court documents, tax information, benefit forms, business receipts and information, letters from HMRC, DWP, UC and fuck knows who else. Just to exist in this hell hole the government are creating requires hours and hours of paper work and tons of money.

I have a message for the HMRC, DWP, UC, the government, Theresa May, the Royal’s, Boris Johnson in fact all Tories, Shropshire Council, Wolverhampton Council, the court which finally decided last week (about six months after I started the appeal) I am not entitled to self employment benefit, Jobcentre and who else it concerns; FUCK OFF PARASITES.

Drug dealers in the UK receive harsher punishments than child rapists!

The headline to this blog sounds stupid and unrealistic but its true and I can prove it. John McCallum was sentenced to a pretty lenient ten years for the repeated rape of his nieces Tracy and her twin sister Rachel Steadwood, now 38 and from Edinburgh, they were just six years old when their childhood came to an end due to this man’s abuse.

Just three years into his sentence and John McCallum is to be let out of jail for home visits after less than a third of his sentence (according to the Daily record in December 2016.)

Curtis Warren on the other hand Conspiracy to smuggle cannabis: 13 years, Manslaughter: 4 years (an act of self defense as he killed another prisoner that attacked him with a punch  the prisoners head hit the floor and he died later in hospital,)  Shipment of drugs to the Netherlands: 12 years and armed robbery (I cannot find any information on his armed robbery charge) has spent all but five weeks of the last 17 years in jail (according to the Guardian in October 2013) and has still not been released.

So lets look at the facts Conspiracy to smuggle cannabis is punished with 13 years, the repeated rape of two children that were as young as three when the abuse started gets ten years, WTF is that?

How and why does this happen? The answer is simple and predictable. The government and prison system is not there to protect children or people but to control people and protect governments and their puppet masters.

As far as the government is concerned smuggling cannabis (a herb scientifically speaking) is more of a priority than justice for rape victims because the government is more interested in control than justice.


Facebook dying and desperately trying to cling on to life?

How many people still use Facebook? Millions obviously but I see a decline in Facebook usage. When I used to enter my Facebook account there would be as many as 40, 50 of my friends on it at busy times nowadays 20 or 30 is as many as I see. I once had thousands of followers on Facebook but I don’t really use Facebook much anymore this is due to Facebook’s censorship policy. I had thousands of followers on Facebook and at one time could potentially reach hundreds of thousands of people with a single post. This was not only useful but it was brilliant for people like me working on a zero budget. By the time I finished with Facebook my posts were reaching 10 to 20 people, what good is that? And how does that happen considering I had thousands of followers? Only one explanation strict politically motivated censorship. Facebook claim that Facebook usage is still growing!

Like I said this put me off Facebook,  in the end Facebook become a waste of my time. A few months later I started a new Facebook page and a new account and this page was doing OK until Facebook deny me access to entering the account. They wanted me to prove my identity using photo ID to access this account, I have no photo ID.

I have three Facebook accounts a personal one (that I don’t use) and two that I use occasionally to post blogs and links to political and relevant pages. After going weeks without logging in to these accounts I sign in to one of my email addresses to my surprise I have messages from facebook informing me that I have notifications and three messages! This surprised me as I do not use this account to message people and I only have a very small amount of friends on these accounts. These friends are people that liked my posts and sent me friend requests.

I log in to my account to read these messages and to my surprise I have NO messages! So why are Facebook emailing me false information? Well when I log in to Facebook that makes me an active user! I think they are doing this to create the illusion that people still give a fuck about Facebook. How desperate and lame from a desperate and lame site.

If Facebook did not attempt to silence their users maybe they would not have to rely on lying to their users to get them to log in.

Facebook stats are false and Facebook is dying and this is a lame and desperate attempt to breath life back in to it. Too little, too late.

WOLVOMAN80 has the mind of a criminal and could be a threat to National Security!

A couple of weeks ago Google removed adverts from over 30 of my videos, many other of my videos are suitable for advertising but the choice of background music means that Sony get paid for them not me! Despite the fact the subject matter is the same as the videos that I cannot advertise and profit from Google seem to be less strict on the advertising policies of my videos if their is a corporate copyright claim on it. In other words Corporations can profit from my profanity and controversial ideas I can’t!

I hate Google, they are puppets to fascist governments that do not like the truth to be told (unless it suits them.) I also see and recognize that Google is not the only people to blame for attacks on Free Speech and freedom in general that is taking place today.

The British, European and American governments along side the hate filled mainstream media are the real enemies of freedom. Because they act as puppets to the establishment, super rich and corporations. They do this because it pays them to be a puppet of the establishment, super rich and corporations, how can it pay to help the poor fight the rich when the poor are poor? It can’t.

What concerns me the most is their excuses for censorship “We the people are a threat to national security” and all that bullshit. We are not a threat to National Security we are a threat to the government! We make them look stupid, evil and corrupt with ridiculous ease, why? Because they are stupid, evil and corrupt.

We don’t have to lie or use propaganda unlike the British, European and American governments, without propaganda and lies these governments would have fallen a long time ago and they know it.

For the sake of avoiding arguments, debates and political discussions they label us as extremists, terrorists sympathizers and a threat to the people of our nations in hope the people believe it.

If I sympathized with terrorists surely I would have sympathy for the British and American government wouldn’t I? After all they are the real terrorists, mass murderers and oppressors of justice, truth and people.


I moved from poverty stricken Wolverhampton to lovely posh Church Stretton. I hated it!

I was born around Wolverhampton and Wolverhampton has always had high levels of homeless people and poverty in general. After spending over thirty years of my life witnessing many homeless people and poverty it starts to become and feel normal. I than moved to a place called Church Stretton and this came as a culture shock to me!

From poverty stricken (for the most part) Wolverhampton to a posh upper class place like Church Stretton.  Lonely Planet guide branded Wolverhampton the fifth worst city on the globe.

It even ranked alongside poverty-stricken slums in El Salvador and Ghana and saw off ‘competition’ from Chennai in India.

Church Stretton on the other hand is a lovely place a place of natural beauty and obscene wealth. A huge difference in lifestyles and wealth yet only about 40 miles apart.

I was angered by the ignorance of the people in Church Stretton as they protested, fought and won the right to keep their swimming baths and library open. These people voted for the cuts (Church Stretton is under Ludlow constituency which is a Conservative safe seat)  but they don’t want the cuts for Church Stretton just the cities.

I began to HATE Church Stretton, the youth are spoiled beyond belief and live in luxury unlike so many young people in Wolverhampton. They live in High Rise flats and high crime and poverty areas as their parents struggle to pay rent which is some rich bastards mortgage on a property that the owner would never want to live in himself..

But to the people of Wolves and other cities I say this; Fuck these ignorant parasites in rural England they got the money but no sense. Their sheltered lives make them ignorant to point of stupid and they don’t even see it.

They are racist, small minded, fools that have no idea how bad the cites are.

It always comes down to this question for me; What kind of Conservative voter are you? A selfish one or a stupid one Church Stretton is full of selfish ones.