Ancient Monuments, Giants in Old Newspapers and Ancient Art

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There were giants on the earth in those days. By WOLVOMAN80 ANCIENT GIANT DOCUMENTARY. The whole of the ancient world talks of giants, from the man eating giants of ancient Britain to the Greek Gods, the Holy bible and the Ad of the Quran. Part one looks at giants on TV, giants in ancient Sumeria, Bran the blessed, Thor, Odin and Nimrod, Baal, Seth, and others, the Nephilim, the fallen angels, David and Goalith and Noah of the old testament and the Watchers of the Bible. Giants from Bulgaria and stories of giants in old newspapers. Zeus, the Titans and the Si te cah of America. Hercules, St Michaels Mount. Yowie ancient Australia, Ispolin graveyards. Chinese mythology, Pan Gu. Ogre, Jötunn, Daityas of Ancient India.

Musical parts of There were Giants on the Earth in Those days (REMIX FOR YOUTUBE)

Cannabis review; Super Lemon Haze.

I was excited about getting Super Lemon Haze and expected it to be among the best I have smoked. Reviews online consistently place it among the best and when I got a smell of it I expected to be impressed. It smells fresh, strong and lemony (obviously) it reminds me on Lemon Sour Diesel with a lovely hazey flavor. After a few blasts of it I notice it is not as strong as I would have thought but the effects are nice. No tiredness with this one and not nowhere near as intense as Super Silver Haze but a good sociable smoke.

I like Super Lemon Haze but not as much as I thought I was going to like it! I think the mellowness of it is what draws people to it. Its not a weak strain but it does not put you in to a coma at least you can get things done with Super Lemon Haze but some people might want something stronger for the night time.

Super Lemon Haze scores 8.5

Best so far…

G13 HAZE 9.4

Super Silver Haze 9.1


Super Lemon Haze 8.5

Critical Kush 8.4

Lemon Sour Diesel 8.2

The Ultimate 8.2

Afghan Kush 8.1

Moroccan Pollen Hash 8.1

Amnesia Haze 7.9

White Widow 7.7

Jack Herer  7.5

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