Why do governments hate Cannabis?

It’s 2017 and prisons in Britain still contain weed smokers, drug addicts and sellers of usually natural substances that have been deemed unhealthy and dangerous by our government. What I want to know is who are these substances unhealthy and dangerous to? The consumer? Or the government and multi national pharmaceutical corporations?

The government and mainstream media seem so desperate to rid the world of any drug that is not made by a pharmaceutical corporation. Our “free” nation has decided that you are not free to take anything that does not come with a corporate middleman and if you do you will be punished accordingly/harshly.

We as a people keep waiting for the government to adjust the law to remove victimization and make sure that only people that have done something that merits prison end up in prison. We are still waiting and we will be waiting until the sea dries up if our government have anything to do with the matter. Surely it is time for people to wake up and fight one day it could be your child being locked up for such minor offenses.

I was reading Boris Johnson’s thoughts on Cannabis and he said “it is much stronger now than what it was in the sixties!” BULLSHIT JUSTIFICATION from a man that hates freedom and wears his ignorance like a designer garment. From a man that once admitted taking Cocaine before quickly changing his mind and claiming it might have been flour. Cannabis has existed for probably millions of years and if the right strain is grown in the right conditions than it will be as good as anything we have today.

I don’t believe the British government will ever legalize or even decriminalize Cannabis. Why? Because they hate the way it makes people think.

Have you ever worked your testicles off all day and then got back home and smoked a joint? I have many times. What happens is you begin to look at yourself and ask questions like; What the fuck was all that about? Why the fuck do I do this shit? A thirst for money becomes a thirst for knowledge and spiritual enlightenment.

People (as a group) seem strange, lost and desperate when I am stoned and society and the system is just weird and unnecessary. You think a little deeper and you self reflect in way that is not even possible without Cannabis.

And thats why they hate weed, the government are probably still having nightmares about the sixties they don’t want them days to come back. Students protesting on a huge scale recognizing the importance of peace and freedom instead of the importance of themselves and money.

Great Britain the nation in which you are free to do what you are told and nothing else.

I am sick of hearing fast asleep people talk of the freedoms and advantages that we have in the UK. A nation that believes in freedom and fairness they insist but is this true? That depends on who you are or more to the point how much money you have! Our free nation arrested me for growing weed and they destroyed hundreds of pounds worth of equipment that I invested in to it.

I have an addiction it is a fucking weakness unfortunately for me it is the wrong addiction and weakness. I could be an alcoholic and there would be no punishment implied by the the law. I am free to be a homosexual and free (in fact encouraged) to get a job. But I can’t grow a herb in my own house and for myself.

This is not freedom this is fascism and a dictatorship. Yeah you are free if you are happy to work your life away for minimum wage, pay your taxes and conform unfortunately that is where your freedom ends.

Freedom of speech on the Internet is dead as is the freedom to live your life undisturbed by the control freaks that some people call our government.. They harass, monitor and attack us daily and when we fight back we are dismissed as extremists.

I have come to the conclusion that we are free! Free to do what they tell us to do, free to read what they tell us to read, free to watch what they tell us to watch, free to say what they want us to say and free to believe what they tell us to believe.

Think of it like this; There are two prisoners in the same cell one wants to exercise, read his letters and read books. The other is happy sitting in his cell doing nothing all day everyday. They are not allowed to read and exercise or even step outside the cell. One is angry and realizes he has no freedom. The other is happy and might even deceive himself to believe he has freedom because he has the freedom to do what he is doing. But essentially he is still a prisoner with no freedom just an illusion of freedom. He could carry on happily for months even years but one day that happy and willing ignorant man is going to notice that he is just a prisoner with no freedom at all. When he decides he now wants his freedom or to do something different other than obeying his orders he is going to be in for a shock and now its too late.

Ignoring the freedoms being taken from other people will one day come back at hit people in the face when they realize that freedom has also been taken from themselves..


Recently I have been forced to depend on the Royal Mail a lot. Letters from courts, gifts from friends and other reasons have made me unwillingly give my custom to the Royal Mail (its not like there is much choice.)

A few weeks ago I noticed that one of my letters had been opened a little, I didn’t really think much of it. A couple of weeks later somebody sent me a gift, chocolate I believe it was but I would never know because that gift never made it to me. Then I lose another package to the post this prompted me to go and find out what is going on.

I walk in to the main depot of the Royal Mail (in Shrewsbury) and ask where is my post. The woman answered “it has probably been damaged and is now probably in Chester!” I was angry but what can you do shit happens right? It happened again a few weeks later in fact to my knowledge over the last month at least three or four parcels have gone missing and never shown up at my house and when they do get to me they have blatantly been tampered and messed with!

I send a complaint to the Royal Mail using their website they reply;

Thank you for contacting Royal Mail.

I was very sorry to learn of the problems you have experienced with your mail deliveries and with several items of mail going astray. I can understand your concerns and the disappointment that this may have caused. Of the huge volumes of letters and packets we handle, very few encounter a problem along their way – but we take every single failure seriously.

My investigations into your enquiry have included checking all available service information and I cannot identify any reason why these problems have occurred. Additionally, due to the millions of pieces of mail that pass through our massive postal pipeline each day, we cannot trace items unless a trackable service is used.

I have, however, been able to take the following action:

• Logged and reported the full details of your complaint

The details of all reported losses are also automatically forwarded to our security team once they have been entered on to our computer system. This team works continually towards identifying the root cause of losses and, of course, eliminating risk.

With the above in mind, may I respectfully suggest that you or the senders submit a P58 Lost, Damaged or Delayed Mail form, together with any supporting documents, for each item of missing mail. These forms can be submitted online at: www.royalmail.com/claims

Upon receipt of your P58 forms, we will register the details of each loss and then respond to you or the senders accordingly, once our enquiries are complete. We will also be able to consider any claim for compensation you or the senders may wish to make, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the service used.

Please accept my apologies on behalf of Royal Mail for the problems you’ve had, and our thanks for taking the time to make us aware of this. Please be assured that we take letting our customers down seriously and will use this information to make further improvements.

I’m afraid there are no further investigations I can make at this time, so I hope that the action and explanation above resolves your enquiry and concludes this matter. However if you are unhappy with the action I have taken or with my response you can contact the Escalated Customer Resolution Team who will re-investigate your complaint. They can be contacted by emailing: customerresolution@royalmail.com. Alternatively you can write to: Escalated Customer Resolution Team, Royal Mail, PO Box 466, Plymouth, PL9 7HJ. If you do contact the team please can I ask you to quote your reference number 170805-001142.


Susan Foster
Customer Service Advisor

Unfortunately all the apologies in the world does not compensate for lost items in the mail (especially when it keeps happening over and over again.) I am beginning to hate the Royal Mail, there claims of Next Day Delivery are BULLSHIT and they seem to have a problem they have nosey thieves working for them. How hard can it be to post a letter to the address on the envelope? Apparently very hard.