James Toney is as good as Floyd Mayweather

Three fights (out of his 92 fights ranging from Middleweight to Heavyweight) that prove that James Toney is at least as good if not better than Floyd Mayweather.

Iran Barkley vs James Toney 【Full Fight】

1993-02-13 IBF World super middleweight title
Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


James Toney vs Samuel Peter I

September 2, 2006 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles

Evander Holyfield vs James Toney [Full Fight]

Location: Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Call me paranoid but I’m sure I am being monitored, hacked and attacked by somebody.

I know what you are thinking another deluded, narcissistic, paranoid stoner talking bullshit and thinking that he is important. That’s why I hate to write this blog but the last few months I have noticed some pretty strange shit and in the last few days I have noticed even more.

I have a list!

I make videos and blogs talking about the HMRC and ridiculing them for paying me working tax credit for doing so. My working tax credit is stopped and I am paid NOTHING AT ALL for over 14 weeks.


Every time my website get busier than usual it goes down due to a “technical issue” when it comes back it struggles to get as busy as it was before it went down.

I asked a friend to post my DVDs in buy and sell sites on Facebook, they did and thousands of people were entering my site until my site disappeared for a couple of hours due to a “technical issue.” My friend later received a warning from Facebook telling her that their posts were “inciting hate!”


I haven’t used Facebook for a while but a couple of days ago I did to share a blog with a few political groups that I follow. Facebook removed the blog I shared because in their words “it looks like spam.”  Because of this I decided to share a different post that I written a few months ago. I could not find the post on my site, it seems to have disappeared. I convince myself that maybe I only posted it to Steemit although I was sure I didn’t.


Last night I write and post a blog saying the government are losing control, my site (which was much busier than usual at the time) goes down (again.)


Today I decide to share a free download from my website on to Steemit. The video I posted my a political video that I have uploaded multiple times on to YouTube. After sharing the page I decide to check if the download file is still working, the file has disappeared from my site!

I am in contact with people all over the world, I have received tens of thousands of messages from people in literally too many places for me to mention. Many of these people have in the past informed me that my site is not properly working in their location, why would that be the case? And how regular of an occurrence is this?


So all in all I have suffered from ALL payments from the government being stopped, a website that goes down for hours at a time whenever it gets slightly busy, Facebook first closing accounts and then accusing me of sending spam when I posts on political groups, files mysteriously disappearing from my site as well as the ability to upload larger files (like videos.) And most of my old videos being owned and profited from by Sony and other corporations and now being muted by YouTube usually due to the soundtrack.


I think somebody wants me to SHUT THE FUCK UP.