Warning to young people everywhere; stay away from bloodsucking leeches even if it means that you are alone!

I have made A LOT of mistakes in my life shit so many I could probably fill a book the size of the old testament about my mistakes. The biggest mistake I ever made is the some of the people that I associated myself with. Selfish people, thieves, liars, two faced people and cowards in short parasites that are only out for themselves and NEVER gave a single fuck about me or anything else but themselves in some cases. This started in my youth as people that I considered to be friends and I trusted (for some reason that I can not understand to this day) stole from me, used me and shown no loyalty whatsoever to me. I was blind, I’m not sure if it was a willing blindness or if I was just fucking stupid but the truth is I attracted towards leeches, parasites and bloodsuckers over and over again.

I would get rid of one and replace them with another. I’m not saying everybody I know is like this because I have been blessed with a very small amount of good friends and a good family. In my youth I always blamed them for being what they are, parasites, thieves, liars, two faced people and cowards but now I’m older and wiser I see and understand this was my fault not their fault. I let them in and they exploited if I didn’t let them in they would not have been able to exploit.

Even worse I sacrificed my youth and a huge part of my life to some of these two faced, selfish leeches that done nothing for me but hold me back, criticize and take, take and fucking take. I was certainly nowhere perfect myself I admit that but in some cases I fucking loved these parasites. There is a old saying that says behind every great man is a great woman and that might be be true and so is the opposite. Behind every failure and every sad and lonely person is a bloodsucker or a whole lot of bloodsuckers in most cases!

I know this is true with me but unfortunately for me I can’t change the past but I can advise based on my experiences and use my knowledge and experiences to try and make sure that this never happens to me again.

I take comfort in one thing and that one thing is KARMA. What goes around comes around and these bloodsuckers will one day pay a price and maybe even be victims of parasites and bloodsuckers themselves.

I just happen to know that these parasites talk about each other behind each others backs, they call each other ugly and then lie and deny when the truth comes out. You can say what you like about me but I say what I think and sometimes more to their faces this may make me unpopular but fuck popular and fuck you.


The story of Curtis Warren exposes the stupidity and unfairness of the British “justice system.” #FREE CURTIS WARREN

Curtis Francis Warren (born 31 May 1963) is an English gangster, who as Britain’s most notorious drugs trafficker was formerly Interpol’s Target One, and once listed on the Sunday Times Rich List.

He has been in prison since his arrest in 1996, he was charged with Armed robbery, Shipping drugs to the Netherlands, Manslaughter and Conspiracy to smuggle cannabis.

It’s the time in prison dished out for crimes that amazes me about this case, his Manslaughter charge is described by wikipedia like this; On the afternoon of 15 September 1999, Warren had a fight in the prison yard with Turkish national Cemal Guclu, who was serving a 20-year sentence for murder and attempted murder. Yelling abuse at Warren, Guclu walked towards him and tried to punch him in the face. Evading the punch, a short fight ensued, during which Guclu fell to the ground, and Warren kicked him in the head 4 times, Guclu got up and again went for Warren and was again punched to the floor. It was here he hit his head and became unconscious from which Guclu never recovered and died in hospital.

It sounds like self defense to me and we should all be allowed to defend ourselves.  In his trial defense in 2001, Warren said he “acted in self defense.” Finding Warren guilty of manslaughter, the Dutch judge commented that “the defendant had used excessive violence,” sentencing him to an additional four years with release scheduled in 2014. In November 2013 he was ordered to pay a £198m confiscation order, or face another ten years in jail. On 27 March 2014 it was reported that Warren had lost his appeal over his failure to pay the order, and so would remain in prison.

The punishment he recieved expose the stupidity of the British Justice system. He was sentence to the following.

Armed robbery: 5 years
Shipment of drugs to the Netherlands: 12 years
Manslaughter: 4 years
Conspiracy to smuggle cannabis: 13 years

I can’t find any information anyway concerning his armed robbery but how does Conspiracy to smuggle cannabis and shipping drugs to arguably the drug capital of Europe end up with such a harsh punishment? I have seen murderers, paedophiles and rapists face much softer sentences than Warren faces for supplying people with products that the people are crying out for.

The reason I believe the time has now come for Warren to be released is simple; This is not about justice its about control.



When the weird and strange become the norm.

It is a funny, strange world that we live in. I think the world has been normalized to most through the education system, media and just the fact that the weird becomes normal when we live through it everyday of our lives. If we were born in to a tribe of cannibals cannibalism would be a normal part of our lives but it does not mean it is actually normal or acceptable, it just means that our minds have been programmed to accept it as normal. A lot of things that are now considered to be normal would have been considered to be strange and alien to us as little as ten or twenty years ago.

For example it is now perfectly “acceptable” and “normal” for kids as young as ten (or even younger) to be on social media sharing pictures of themselves with the world. The trouble is (call me old fashioned if you will) its not normal its fucking disturbing actually (at least to me it is.)

It makes me ask what could be considered “normal” in another ten or twenty years time? As technology and the world moves towards virtual reality are we going to forget about actual reality? We shouldn’t because what happens in the virtual world of the internet can still have a huge impact on people in the actual real world and real reality.

In the days of the Victorians it was considered to be perfectly “normal” to hold on to the dead for months or years sometimes and even put them in to poses for photographs. Obviously this was mainly due to the high cost and rarity of having photographs taken at the time and peoples desperation to have something to remember their loved ones by but it is still very strange, scary, disturbing and dark to our modern day society. But ask yourself this; Is it anymore strange, disturbing and dark then children crying out for attention on Facebook? Is it any more strange, scary, disturbing and dark then clothing companies (like Primark) adding pad to make it look like young girls have breasts? I don’t believe it is. Why?

Because the Victorians were mourning their loses by doing this, this was done out of sadness and desperation not simply an attempt of gaining attention.