Get paid BITCOIN just for existing! I FUCKING LOVE THIS WEBSITE.

Let me start by explaining this is not an advertisement (though I might get a referral bonus if you sign up and use the site) this blog is just me telling you the truth of what I think of a website that i have recently discovered. The story starts like this; I am a weed smoking, work shy lay about and I am always looking for easy ways out but one thing that I have noticed is there does not seem to be an easy out. And I will be honest this website is not going to change that it does however offer you a free chance of winning up to 200 USD every hour with a guaranteed minimum win of a few hundred Satoshis. And unlike many of these sites it does seem legit (I had a quick look at reviews and they were mainly positive.)

I was looking on how to earn money online, I started filling in surveys I fill four surveys and got paid nothing, they websites made my computer slow and after days of trying to find a decent option I gave up on surveys. I ended up reading about captcha solving, I give it a try and noticed the money they offer was absolutely pathetic. I think they are jobs aimed at poor people in the “third” world because if you were to sit on your computer doing one every five minutes ten hours a day for a month you would be lucky to earn 40 pound. So the jobs ain’t worth it, they’re shit.

Until I come to this site.

There are tons of sites like this online but this one is definitely the best I have come across. I also notice (because of notifications on some of the sites) that the British government are “concerned” about these type of sites. They never fail to amaze me, apparently they encourage gambling, which they do because they give you a chance to gamble the money that you have earned but we are all adults here we don’t need the governments protection. Somebody else informed me that by working for these sites we are assisting hackers and therefore it is immoral to do so.

But i think of it like this; Firstly don’t assume that all hackers are evil in some cases they are the ones fighting evil, why do you think the government and the corporations hate them so much? And secondly in my opinion at least anybody that works for governments or huge corporations are assisting greed, thievery and evil as are the consumers.

All I am saying is have a look see what you think or don’t I don’t particularly give a fuck it’s just a subject that I thought was interesting for another blog and another dollar.

If you do use it let me know what you think in the comment section.

Reasons why I think Steemit is pretty useless.

I have been on Steemit since August 2016 so I am not one of the really early members but still earlier than most. I have to be honest when I first got on it I wondered wtf was going on it took me a few months to really understand what it was all about. When I understood the idea I began to believe Steemit was a brilliant idea but it had a problem, there were not many people using it and it was full of bots and the flagging system at the time was ridiculous. The payouts were and are still low (for 99% of us) but I own my own site and I figured at least it advertises my site and therefore my blogs and videos.

I have so far earned about one thousand pound in UK money on Steemit which is not bad tbh compared to Adsense and YouTube it is brilliant especially when we consider there are no shit corporate ads on Steemit to fund the payments.

Slowly but surely I started to believe the hype and I still did up until recently. A few months ago I blogged 17 posts on the subject of Britain’s Paedophile elite and they did quiet well. They did not earn much (a repost later earned 44 USD.) I believe I seen a drop after that, I also notice pizzagate has disappeared from the tags on the sidebar, at one time Steemit was full to the brim of pizzagate information all of a sudden the information being released seems to have slowed down.

When people assume Steemit is decentralized they are actually wrong, Steemit is not decentralized it is centralized in profit (look at the top earners and compare them with the rest of us) and it is centralized in control. Steemit top 1% probably earn more than the other 99% (I have not checked for a fact but looking the payouts it has to be something like that) and their vote counts for more than the rest of us.

Interaction with posts seems up and down and ridiculously inconsistent, we expect changes but on Steemit we see huge changes that seem to make it harder for newcomers or minnows to be heard but the changes don’t seem to effect the top bloggers so much. Another good point a (former) Steemtian is many of the top earners are friends and family of creators of Steemit?

What kind of secret features have been added to the coding system? Invisible accounts? Allowing for flagging and shit I would not be surprised but at the same time I cannot offer proof, its just a theory?

What is even worse is if Steemit ever does get to the same level as Facebook is at, celebrities and rich people and corporations would be able to simple buy Steem power and make themselves much more heard than regular users that have invested long hours of time in to it. I think Steemit could equal trouble and I there seems to be a denial of its blatant manipulation in trending posts and information. There are two reasons for this denial some people are happy with what it pays (you can’t money at the pay rates compared to alternatives if you have the rep) and people just want to believe.