How do nightclubs and pubs get away with charging £3 for 2 condoms?

Every decent parent tells their children about the dangers of sex. Having a child is brilliant but having a child with somebody you barely know is not ideal for anybody. Condoms allow us to chose and they are much better, cheaper and more humane than abortions. The NHS in Britain encourage the use of condoms because they also slow the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Due to the importance of condoms you would think they could be picked up cheap. And they can from most shops be picked up cheaply a pack of 12 can be picked up for a fiver yet many nightclubs and pubs charge £3 for 2 condoms.

Due to the distribution of mind altering/numbing drugs and the large profit being made weekends by the alcohol industry and the nightclubs and pubs you would have thought that condoms would be distributed freely in such places.

How many unwanted pregnancies and deaths or lives ruined through sexually transmitted diseases could be prevented if condoms were given away by law for free by any establishment, pub or nightclub that serves alcohol? How many abortions would it prevent?

Why does the tobacco industry get given such of an hard time when the alcohol industry is allowed to get away with actions like this?

I do not believe that it is up to the government to watch over us constantly, muddle-cuddling us and interfering in our lives. I also do it is necessarily up to the government to protect us from ourselves and our own stupidity. Education is the best way to prevent the spread of STD’s and unwanted pregnancy but the government fail massively on that.

They also fail massively on assuring that people that are taking steps to prevent things like STD’s and unwanted pregnancies are not being ripped off.

You know there is a problem when you could buy three bottles of beer for the price of a double pack of condoms.

Schools have sex education all WRONG. They teach children how to put condoms on (including girls how to put male condoms using a fucking banana) but they forget to mention the importance of remaining clear headed and self respect.

Use the words that your haters say for motivation.

I have put many years work in to doing what I do, I consider myself to be a success at what I do because when I started making videos and documentaries for my YouTube channel I never expected the amount of attention that I received. I have gained 18 million views and over 26000 subscribers but at the same time I made NO MONEY.

The reason I made no money was the some of the background music I used for my early videos was copyright owned and due to this the owners of the music claimed ownership of the videos and received all payments from my early videos instead of me. Frustrating to say the least especially when one day my YouTube stats show that I am owed 7000 USD and the day day they owe me zero despite the fact I received no payment from them.

What made this whole experience even more frustrating was the complete lack of support that I received from many of the people that were around me at the time. “Get a job” and all that shit.

Despite the huge lack of money I was making from YouTube and my website I was and still getting thousands of YouTube views weekly and thousands of hits on my website.

Some people take what I do as taking a lack of responsibility for my children but that is not true. THE ONLY REASON I am trying to make money from what I do is for my children.

Despite the fact that many people have supported me and I have received literally thousands of nice messages over the years I have also received much hate and even received death threats from some people on line for just saying my opinion!

I could handle (easily) a few big mouthed idiots online in fact I used to like to hit that audience. I might get trolled but only because I have forced them to use their quickly becoming dormant brain.

If you have never pissed anybody off you probably never fought for what you believe in, I just happen to know that I have pissed many people off and all I say say about that is FUCKING GOOD.

What I always found to be worse than the hate is the lack of support I received from most of the people around me. In fact I received patronization, pressure to take dead end jobs and complete dismissal of the work that I have put in to building multiple websites and my YouTube channels.

All the negative comments like “get a job,” “grow up,” “its impossible” and “you’re stupid” I use! I use them to remind me of why I have to carry on writing and creating. Thank You.

I live alone now and now I face no pressure to do what anybody wants me to do other than myself and that is the way I like it.