Some people are simply better suited to live alone. Steemit helped me get FREEDOM.

About two months ago I broke up with my long term girlfriend leaving behind her two kids and my own children. I was kind of forced out after years of not really getting on with my girlfriend (at the time) and struggling to connect to her daughters (who are now 15 and 16 years old and hate me.) To live in a house in which more than half the household did not even want me to be at was not easy and despite the fact I tried to hold on as long as I could (for my own children) the arguements became more frequent and intense and I often felt outnumbered and a mere inconvenience to the people I lived with (excluding my own kids obviously.)

I am not the best person to live with I’m messy, I leave things lying around, I wait until there is a mess before I tidy up and I smoke weed (thats cool if somebody else in the house does but some people are offended by habits like that and that is up to them.)

I have now lived alone since April and I miss not seeing my kids everyday. But there are many positives about living alone; I spend less time with my kids nowadays but I feel it is better quality time. I don’t drive and I lived in the middle of nowhere so we were often stuck in the house now I live closer to a town with parks, play areas and things for the children to do, without being forced to travel an hour and half first.

Another big positive is I am now free to live by my own rules and do my own thing. If I want to stay up late blogging what I believe to be important shit (sometimes) on my website and Steemit I am free to do so. If I don’t get up until midday thats cool too.

I also owe Steemit for my new found freedom because Steemit has actually paid me more in (nearly) 12 months than what YouTube have in three years and paying me in cryptocurrency its better than money.. So thank you Steemit, to my Steemit followers and to the thousands of people signed up to my website on to mention all my YouTube subscribers.


THE SUN will not quit in their attacks on the people and freedom

The British people (particularly the youth) recently have proved to the world, government and media that the majority of us know the score when it comes to the British media. This fact does not stop the (desperate sounding) News Corporation owners of the Sun, the Times, Sky, Fox and many other mainstream media outlets from attempting to strike more fear and doubt in to the people. NOTE anything written in brackets is my reply to the fear mongering the Sun put out.


As Corbynistas descend on London for Day of Rage, they’re not remotely ready for the revolution they want

Delusional Labour supporters assume their economic privileges are the natural order — and Jeremy Corbyn will merely iron out the flaws. (Economic privileges? I think most people just want somewhere comfortable to sleep and food, it is not the fault of the people that bureaucracy and money has made even the most basic living requirement expensive and complexed.)

DO Jeremy Corbyn’s fans truly understand what he represents — and what they would be voting to destroy? (I voted Corbyn to try and help destroy Corporate greed, the aristocracy and the little paradise the rich are living in while too many go without homes, food and water.)

Labour’s new young middle-class supporters have grown up in an era that takes capitalism for granted. (Takes capitalism for granted? I think its the opposite capitalism takes our youth for granted and offers them low paid zero hour contracts and even no benefits at all in some cases.)

Now, far fewer than half believe this system which has lifted billions out of poverty in the last 25 years is even a force for good. (This system has lifted billions out of poverty? It seems to have also put billions in to extreme poverty)

They assume the economic privileges they enjoy every day are the natural order — and Corbyn will merely iron out its flaws. It is utterly delusional. (Utterly delusional? Coming from the Newspaper that was telling us Theresa May was going to win the biggest majority since Thatcher.)

Corbyn and his aides want a different system: the hardcore socialism which has reduced once-rich Venezuela to starvation and helped condemn Greece to mass unemployment and poverty. (Has socialism really done that? Or have economic extortionate attacks from Corporations and even governments caused it?)

Today, Corbynistas descend on London for a “Day of Rage”, an iPhone in one hand, a £3 coffee in the other and zero regard for the hard-pressed police having to cope with them. (They could have bought the iPhone second hand and the iPhone itself is not just a product of capitalism but more so product of human intelligence and advancements. Still shit though just buy a phone without an apple logo on it.)

If they ever read anything beyond their Facebook feeds they would know where socialism always leads: food shortages, destitution and early graves. (Again coming from an organization that supports benefit cuts, sanction, austerity and terrorism)

They are not remotely ready for the revolution they are willing on. (We are not ready for the end of corporate greed and exploitation?)

Capitalism is not perfect, just the best system of wealth-creation mankind has yet invented. (The best for whom?)

But the Tories were wrong to assume it had prevailed for ever. (I think they mean the Tories and media)

Incredibly, as Philip Hammond says, they have to win the argument all over again. (They won they argument in Syria their bombs made it hard to disagree with them)

SHE has taken a lot of flak, some of it deserved, but Theresa May will strike the right tone today with her Queen’s Speech.

“Humility” after her election own-goal and “resolve”, in the face of our many troubles, are exactly the two qualities she now needs as long as she’s in power.

It is also crucial her backbenchers understand what is at stake if they fail to back the Government’s two-year plan in full and support one of the opposition’s wrecking amendments instead.

A few rebellions and the game could be up. It could mean a second election, which Jeremy Corbyn could win.

The DUP seem to grasp that. Aside from anything, they appear determined to keep IRA supporters out of power.

Let’s hope Tory rebels are too. If they open the door to a Marxist regime they will never be forgiven.

Public serpents

IS there any less credible MP than a Labour “moderate” suddenly backing Corbyn?

They know all his failings. They don’t agree with his manifesto’s Brexit stance.

They know his plans are economic suicide. They know who would be worst hit by mass unemployment and runaway inflation.

But they want those voters to make him Prime Minister anyway.

Not for the good of Britain — but to give them, personally, a sniff of power.

No wonder the public dislikes politicians.