I know nothing other than the fact I know nothing!!!!

I know nothing other than the fact I know nothing and that makes me much more intelligent than somebody that thinks they know everything or anything! Does that make sense? I don’t know!

Knowledge is a strange thing and most of our “knowledge” is past on to us by teachers, parents and our surroundings but how much do they really know? Where did they get their “knowledge” from? Teachers get much of their “knowledge” from government approved books but how accurate are these books? I don’t know! Parents get their knowledge from experience of life and living and most will attempt to pass that knowledge on to their children but things change. Ideas that were once considered to be accurate can be proven wrong and ideas that were once considered radical and far fetched can be proven right.

For example it was common “knowledge” that Neanderthals were our ancestors nowadays they are not considered by most scientists to be our ancestors instead they are considered to be whole different species. Neanderthals and modern humans share 99.7% of their DNA but both modern humans and Neanderthals share 98.8% of their DNA with their closest non-human living relatives, the chimpanzees. So according to modern day science both modern humans and Neanderthals are more genitally similar to a chimpanzee than each other.

According to modern day science humans share 50% of our DNA with a banana and 90% with cats. WTF? Now I definitely know nothing.

Knowledge in most cases is not real it is actually a form of conditioning. Flat Earth is an argument that has gained much support in recent years along with the support comes the ridicule, I’m on the fence when it comes to this debate, why? Because I know nothing! I have never been in space and therefore I have never seen anything that could suggest the world is flat or round. What about NASA images of Earth skeptics ask? Its a good question and the first thing I thought when I heard the Flat Earth theory, so I researched it and the answer amazed me. Apparently NASA have never taken a distant picture of our planet (other than the moon landings and many people completely dismiss the moon landing as a hoax!) I know what you’re thinking, yes they have I have seen them, thats what I thought but apparently what NASA do is take multiple images and basically stick them together! Is that true I don’t fucking know!

“Pardoned” from Jobcentre for the bank holiday weekend.

I was claiming working tax credits until that claim was stopped by the DWP (Department of work and pensions) and all payments to me were stopped, they didn’t put me on a different benefit just simply stopped all payments (16 weeks later I have still not received one single payment from them.) This meant I was forced to a start a claim for the new and fascist like Universal Credit. Universal Credit means that I have to be actively looking for work 35 hour per week, write it all down and show the Jobcentre the evidence that I have been actively looking for work 35 per week, “treat job searching as a job” they advised. To look for work we are forced to sign up to Universal Jobmatch the Jobcentre ask for permission to enter our account so that they can see what you are doing on Universal Jobmatch but you are NOT legally obligated to comply with their request. I recommend that you do not give them permission to access your Universal Jobmatch because the Jobcentre do NOT use it to help people, they use it to catch people out and sanction their benefits.

I have been forced in to using their Universal Jobmatch website and applied for a few jobs on there. Only one job has contacted me back, I don’t believe that most of the “jobs” on universal Jobmatch are even real jobs! I believe there are companies that use Universal Jobmatch as a personal information collection point.

Think about it like this; what is the best way to make people give you their personal information over the Internet? Pay them, but that costs money. Job openings? When it comes to job openings people will give you all their details including past employment.

Many of these “potential employers” that advertise on Universal Jobmatch take you to a whole different site (their own website) and request much more information from you than you would ever put on a C.V.

The Jobcentre and the British government are forcing people in to taking jobs, not good longterm jobs but zero hour contract jobs that allows the employer to use you when they need you and get rid of you at will.

For me this is forced labour and forced labour (no matter how much they try to sugar coat it) is slavery. This is a form of fascism, the Jobcentre enforcing their will on people and some of the staff know it.

This weekend is a bank holiday weekend this means that we do not have to attend the Jobcentre Monday (they make us attend every week day usually.) I was struck by the language used by the Jobcentre staff as she explained “Monday you’re pardoned” she was joking but within that joke was a hint that she recognizes the fascism and dictatorship like tactics being used by the Jobcentre.

Last point when it comes to the Jobcentre, they claim to be trying to save money and the costs of the benefits system but how much does it cost them to have us there everyday of the week, listening to their lectures and telling us their scripted catchphrases? The latest catchphrase is piss poor they tell us numerous times “finding a job is like ABC!” no it real isn’t “first you find A job, then a Better job, then a Career!” LAME..

They also pay traveling expenses (buses, trains, taxis in some cases, five days a week) to make sure we can attend every day of the week! How much does that cost?


Does using a pencil to vote make sense? Just give us a fucking pen.

Anybody that has voted in any of the recent elections will know that the polling stations do not provide pens, instead they provide pencils! I find this quite shocking as pencils are much easier to erase and tamper with. I know people could simply take their own pens but most wont, most will use the pencil provided.

The 2015 general election seen many people complain about the use of pencils and many stories of election fraud and rigging. There are always ways to manipulate election results and 2015 seen them all. From postal votes manipulation to a van carrying 200000 ballot papers stolen being stolen? So with all the will in the world there is always in way to manipulate the results.

But pencils being used instead of pens leaves open the possibility of ballot paper tampering a possibility that could be instantly destroyed with just one simple idea, pens.

I have always considered it strange that they choose to use pencil on something as important as voting and I was glad to see I am not the only one. In 2015 there were many complaints about the use of pencils and along with these complaints there were many accusations of election fraud and vote rigging. In fact so much so I collected a few online reports on the subject that can be read here http://wolvoman80.co.uk/?p=1002 .