Assad must pay a price over gas attack that killed dozens in Syria, says Boris Johnson

Assad must pay a price over gas attack that killed dozens in Syria, says Boris Johnson.

This was a headline of the pathetic, propaganda filled Evening Standard today which another Conservative puppet George Osborne has recently been made editor of.

First question I ask myself is how does Boris Johnson and the conservative party plan to make him pay? Fine him? Arrest and imprison him? Or simple go and kill dozens more Syrians? Obviously its the third one but does that really make him pay? Because to me that just makes the innocent pay. Surely Boris Johnson should first ask himself who committed the attacks the rebels or Assad’s government, then he should ask himself how the fuck does killing more Syrians actually help the people in Syria? I get a feeling the Conservatives only want to help themselves as usual.

How can the Conservative party claim to stand against terrorism, oppression and violence when they have allies like Saudi Arabia, Israel and the USA? If they really want to fight terrorism and help Muslim people surely they should be working to stop Saudi Arabia’s attacks on Yemen. Unfortunately like most of the mainstream media the British government have decided this a terrorism that is not “sick and depraved” unlike the attack on London that is terrorism is sick and depraved as described by Theresa May.

YouTube are shutting us down to protect the British government from criticism!

I am an extremist, I produce extremist content that is not advertiser friendly. It seems to me the truth is not advertiser friendly! Google, Facebook and the rest of the corporate owned Internet seem to have a real hatred for the truth but not only the truth anything that is non-corporate. Over the last few years YouTube seem to be getting more and more picky about the content they want and they also seem to have decided that YouTube is no place for you to protest, exercise freedom of speech or make a living.

YouTube are removing subs from me, every time I make a few I lose a few as well. The amount of subscribers I have has not changed (it goes up and down) this year!

I believe that Google, Facebook and the rest of the corporate owned Internet are acting on behalf of the governments and advertisers, the British government/HMRC do use YouTube adverts to threaten their own population with their confusing and extorting tax system, at one stage nearly every video I watched had a video by the HMRC threatening their own population.

Theresa May is a corporate whore and a hypercritical fascist that hates freedom and seems to spend too much of her time protecting elite paedophile rings, corporations, the rich and banks and attacking her own population using financial fascism just that like Margret Thatcher and EVERY recent prime minister that has come before her. A truly disgusting example of a human being she has no respect for human life and is guided only by money as opposed to justice, equality and freedom, she is merely another puppet to the establishment and the corporations and a true terrorist that needs to be stopped for the good of the nation and the nations she and her government and puppet masters loot from.