To Theresa May, the British government, HM Revenue and Customs and Google.

I know some people would find it hard to believe this but I am being attacked from multiple directions at the same time! I believe the content of my material is much the reason why. I have full blogs and recorded phone conversations that prove HM Revenue and Customs have been harassing me. I have uploaded and tiny portion of them to my YouTube channel I have many more. I have not received a single payment of working tax credit for about eight weeks. HM Revenue and Customs work at a ridiculously slow pace, I mean they send my a letter informing me that they are going to send me a letter FFS.

They also inform me that I am no longer entitled to claim working tax credit, despite a better off calculation, and their own website show that I am entitled to claim it.. As the screen shot below shows

Despite this they have refused to pay me anything for eight weeks! Why would they do this? I think the government do not wish to pay me for exposing their corruption, peadophile rings, mass murder, greed and general evilness. I was happily claiming working tax credit before I wrote a series of blogs called Britain’s Pizzagate? In these blogs I expose the fact that many of Britain’s leading MPs and political figures are regularly connected to peadophile rings by the media and the online community many of whom claim to be victims, it parallels what is happening and being covered up in the USA and many other places.

It seems the government have decided to use their services to victimize me and employ financially fascism on me, why? If I am lying or breaking the law by exercising freedom of speech arrest me for slander, if not than pay up, stop censoring me from my own subscribers and stop sulking.