Britain’s Pizzagate? Part Eleven.

Glorifying child rapists and murderers

It is quite obvious that there is a huge cover up going on involving the British media, government and police. I have tried to back everything up with mainstream media but the rumours online are disturbing and many of the old rumours online turned out to be true and are now confirmed as online bloggers and YouTubers were reporting people like Jimmy Savile and Leon Brittan years before mainstream media were. It appears that the mainstream media are pushing for the truth as they have reported many stories but judging by the online rumours that are circulating it appears they are potentially still covering up this scandal to this day. I’m not going to share these rumours because I cannot prove and don’t know how accurate they are.

What is provable is the fact that the mainstream media have glorified these people presented them as legends despite their crimes. Below is Jimmy Savile’s funeral, thousands of people celebrated the life of a man that destroyed lives.

The Daily Mail reports Jimmy Savile’s funeral.

  • In the homily it was said Sir Jimmy can face eternal life with confidence
  • Thousands of mourners line the streets as 700 people pack the cathedral
  • Broadcasting icon will be buried in the North Yorkshire seaside resort of Scarborough today
  • Porters at Leeds Royal Infirmary where Sir Jimmy worked as a volunteer show their respects on funeral procession

He had planned every detail of his funeral, made sure family and friends were all there and  left precise instructions for his extraordinary send-off.

So there was only one question that needed to be asked yesterday when they said farewell to Sir Jimmy Savile: ‘How’s about that then?’ (Jimmy Savile’s catchphrase.)

It didn’t really need a response.

So many people turned out to line the streets and celebrate his life, it quickly became obvious what the answer was.

With cheers and applause, the veteran DJ and ceaseless charity fundraiser was seen off the premises, as he once phrased it, with a remarkable show of affection.

Part of the city centre in his beloved Leeds was brought to a standstill as he did a final lap of his past – the modest house where he grew up, his mother’s home, and hospitals where countless ordinary folk benefited from his various good deeds.

Then the hearse that took him on the extended farewell tour brought him under police escort to St Anne’s cathedral for solemn prayers, fond memories and laughter.

The Daily Mail and the rest mainstream media presented Jimmy Savile’s funeral as if he was a national treasure and they would claim that this was a mistake that was made due to them not knowing what Jimmy Savile was doing, but can that be true? Of course they knew or at least heard the rumours they’re journalists FFS and they still decided to glorify him and the event, it was probably the final insult for many of his victims.

Apparently the Sun were ready to expose Jimmy Savile before he died so it is undeniable that certain people at the Sun knew.

The Sun have also removed this article about his funeral from their website!