Reading the headlines on Google news is shocking at the moment, we seem to be witnessing the whole of the corporate owned media attacking Donald Trump.

Russia dossier: what happens next – and could Donald Trump be impeached? The Guardian asks.

 CIA ‘believes Russia has more than one Donald Trump sex tape and second source claims it DOES exist’ tells us.

Other headlines include

Donald Trump condemned by ethics watchdog over business empire plans The Evening Standard tells us the BBC ran a similar article.

Australian dollar soars after speech by US President-elect Donald Trump He is already devaluing the American dollar claims the Daily Mail.

President-elect Donald Trump ‘could be rocked by new sordid tape’ scandal The Sun “report”

Donald Trump Will Be A Disaster For Autistic People Forbes informs us. 

Donald Trump treats the press like an authoritarian thug The Guardian seem particularly obsessed with Donald Trump at the moment 

This is just today and though not all articles on Donald Trump are negative none of them are positive, they are either negative or meaningless. What I find strange is the mainstream media have spent recent years protecting Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, David Cameron, Theresa May and many other corrupt politicians yet there seem to be no love or protection for Donald Trump in fact they seem to be intent on destroying him.

Will Donald Trump ever even be president? Will he be impeached as contemplated by the Guardian? Assassinated? Or even Arrested?

It seems obvious that some very powerful people do not want Donald Trump to be president, are these media report attempts to blackmail Donald Trump?


I have a problem with the education system in the UK, not only is the education system weak and producing repeaters instead of thinkers its also stressful, meaningless, not important, demoralizing and degrading. The education system rules people out and categorizes people as stupid and sometimes these people probably are stupid, but these people are 16 years old FFS! How can they have failed already? And what makes us a success according to our “education system” anyway?

Repeating, obeying, respecting authority and everything else that makes you boring and blend in to the rest of society.

What is failing in life? Not getting rich, owning your own house and a few cars?

I believe failing in life is when you stop caring about the big picture (the world and people) the education system programs us to be more concerned with money. Money is not even real people are!

I believe parents with good intentions encourage their children to “get a education” but they do not consider what an “education?” Its mind control not designed to suit the masses but designed to help the establishment keep us in line.

It also helps filter out the disobedient and creates a certain type of person. These people are very good at remembering and repeating, they tend not to question authority and without even realizing what they are doing they end up pushing agendas instead of educating.

I see it throughout all society, look at teachers, most people would not willingly demoralize, degrade and rule out much of our youth but these people are misguided enough to believe “the system” has the child’s interest at heart. The system does not they do not need geniuses to work at a Amazon warehouse, to teach and by teach I mean indoctrinate the youth, to tell us “the news” or to sell their drugs and vaccines, they need repeaters.

If these types of people were not repeaters the establishment would not have control, it would be much harder to sell drugs or vaccines if we had a large amount of doctors advising against the drugs or vaccines.



Do you remember being a kid? All the hopes and dreams that are planted in our heads. I want to be a singer, footballer,  policeman, an actor etc, things were simple back than, policemen were the good guys protecting us from bad guys, footballers, singers, actors and other entertainers were idolized, almost worshiped.

But than real life slowly begins to sink in and chances are you are not going to be a footballer, singer, actor/actress chances are you are going to be a plumber, supermarket assistant, a waiter, cleaner or something just as dull.

Chances are if your mommy and daddy aren’t rich you are like the rest of us, FUCKED! Many people combat this by going for rich men/women but nothing comes for free if you “love” or marry for money you are not only going to end up unfulfilled, disappointed and lonely but you are going to end up owned! Spending your life spending some rich mans/womans money may seem like a great idea but you still have to live with a man/woman that you don’t love.

Schools and the entertainment industry present such a simple life to children, but life is anything but simple and the simpleness of the life presented to our youth creates ignorance. Even worse its comforting whereas the truth can be disturbing because the truth is our cozy lifestyles are not built on hard work, political stability or freedom but they are built on exploitation, thievery, ignorance and lies.

I look at the world like this, the planet provides enough for us all to live pretty comfortably but some people want more. The only way these people can get more is taking from other people. In other words whenever we see people that have too much money living lives of obscene luxury and greed somewhere in the world is somebody that does not have enough.

When we have families and individuals that are worth more than countries there is a definite problem we have become slaves to these people.

When we look at worldwide wealth distribution facts we discover that the bottom 99.9% only own 19% of global wealth yet according to some the top 0.001 own 30 % of all global wealth!