I do not intensely study politics or politicians but Donald Trump fascinates me. I have spent literally hours listening to Donald Trump speeches and watching videos on Donald Trump and I still have no idea who he truly represents.

Many Americans believe he represents the average American and at first glance this seems to be the case. He has vowed to fix the system and protect the right to keep and bare arms, he is racist and some would say your typical ignorant pig headed American (I’m not attacking ALL Americans just a certain type and Britain has the same problem.)

He already has a pretty bad relation with the British government, on the build up to the election Theresa May said she found Donald Trumps “grab them (women) by the pussy” quote unacceptable, which it is! But he said that in 2005! And to be fair I don’t think he was talking about women like Theresa May nobody would dare do that to Theresa May, she should stop interfering with foreign elections.

Also I find Theresa May’s lack of respect for human rights and human life unacceptable.

Many people believe that Donald Trump has come to help destroy the New World Order! Is this true? To be honest I have not got a clue. He supports Internet censorship and he said he was neutral on the Israel before seemingly backtracking and turning full blown Zionist!

That’s why I ask, WTF is Donald Trump? At worst he is another Corporate and Zionist puppet waiting to sell his own people out. At best he is an honest but old fashioned American waiting to defend the country he loves.

I guess nobody is really sure but finding out promises to be very interesting.