Lots of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat fwiends but none in real life!!!

WARNING THIS BLOG CONTAINS STRONG SEXISM! Thats because women and social media are a bad combination, I’m not saying this applies to all women because I know A LOT of women that do not even use social media at all and many more that use it moderately this is about a certain type of woman.

This is about the type of woman that uses all three of these attention windows (Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat). This is about the type of woman that is constantly uploading sellfies of herself advertising themselves to the world like cheap prostitutes.

They would add anybody as a friend, I have seen Facebook users with five thousand friends and there is nothing wrong with that, I had over a thousand (and a few thousand likes!) myself (before Facebook closed my page due to me sharing Pizzagate stories) and I would add anybody as a friend as well but I didn’t ever use Facebook on a personal level. I didn’t share pictures of my kids, my location was listed as “the White House” and I very rarely uploaded photos of myself (I did when people was accusing me of hiding behind anonymity.) I used it to promote and share my blogs, ideas and videos and as a way to connect with people that see things the same as I do.

Many people use Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat because it keeps them in touch with friends and family. Some may use it to read the news, to buy and sell, share their thoughts and ideas and there is nothing wrong with that either, I see the advantages that social media brings.

Unfortunately and unlike many I also see the disadvantages social media brings. Political censorship, privacy issues, huge businesses and rich people paying to promote their messages when poor people are being oppressed and worst of all the stupid people that use it. The racist idiots sharing and talking racist shit (I do not believe that these people should be censored because if we censor them we censor their stupidity and therefore we make them stronger), the falseness and of course the attention and like whores.

I know women that spend literally hours of their day on social media, head down stuck in their phone and completely unaware of their surroundings, whats more I know women that do this and then attack or criticize me because of what I do (blog, make videos, own a website) and the lack of money that it brings! Guess what BITCH there is more to life than money and I promote my ideas you promote your narcissistic, low self esteemed, desperate self.

The women with 5000 friends at 20000 sellfies, why and how can you have 5000 friends? The first thing I think when I see they have so many friends is fucking hell they must have been around! These women add anybody that bothers to contact them despite the fact they do not barely know or even like the person added. “He is a thief” fuck it add him “he is a weirdo” fuck it add him “he is a murderer and a rapist and a prison escapist” fuck it add him.

All they care about is how many friends they have and I use the term friends loosely because these people tend to be the loneliest, most demoralized, desperate people and despite all there Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram friends they have no real friends.

Well guess what bitches I got more followers on my own website that has only been collecting followers for a few months (I had to start again because of a shit plugin I used) than you got on all your social media and 26000 YouTube subscribers! So do me a favour and STFU.


In this, my 4th video on The Mandela Phenomenon, I combine the best of the best of what I have been able to find to date, to vent some of the anger and frustration victims (and YES, “victims” is the correct word to describe what folks experiencing the effect indeed are), are going through while at the same time attempt to point beyond any doubt, where the blame belongs for this atrocity. It boggles my mind how so many people who apparently are not experiencing the changes, can sit back and call the folks who are experiencing the changes Bat Shit Crazy! The way I see it there are basically 4 camps that exist: CAMP A: People who are experiencing “The Mandela Effect” and looking for answers. CAMP B: People who are either not sure if they are experiencing “The Mandela Effect”, but just don’t want to know if they actually are experiencing “The Mandela Effect”, because of a deep seated fear of it and/or they fear of being ridiculed or have chosen to SECOND GUESS THEIR OWN MEMORIES as a method of self-preservation. I think this is what they call the FIGHT or FLIGHT syndrome and this group makes the choice to FLEE from the situation, rather then to stay and FIGHT, or ACCEPT it as being a real phenomenon. CAMP C: People who honestly have NO CHANGES to their memories. They are NOT experiencing ANY symptoms of “The Effect”. Sometimes I wonder if the folks in CAMP C are somehow the LUCKEY ONES! And finally, we have CAMP D: The people who know what has happened. These would be the folks “IN THE KNOW”, or people who actually work for, finance, or have something to do with CERN. I think this video will show the cat is pretty much out of the bag when it comes to WHO is behind this atrocity. Why do I use the word atrocity to describe the phenomenon? Because IMHO there is a definite EVIL twist to what has happened,… is happening…. (YES, it is still going on!!!) I find this whole thing to be with out a doubt a PREPOSTEROUS ABOMINATION!!! People have said things to me like; “What difference does it make?” “Why should you care when there is nothing you can do about it?” If that were not bad enough, I have had people tell me that I am DELUSINAL,… or that I have completely gone insane and need to seek help,… and MUCH, MUCH, worse things have been said,… as I’m sure anyone who has been victimized by “The Effect” reading this can attest to. I am OUTRAGED by this. I feel completely helpless and absolutely VICTIMIZED by this. NOW is the time for the people who are the actual VICTIMS of this “experiment gone bad” to fight back! But how?!? Can my previous reality be restored? Can what ever has been TURNED ON be TURNED OFF? Can Humpty Dumpty be put back together again? Will myself and millions of others be able to simply accept this NEW REALITY and go one with our lives like it never happened? I can not speak for the millions effected, but for myself, the answer to those questions if NO! So what can we do? Well for starters, we are already doing it… We can MAKE PEOPLE AWARE!!! I do it by making videos such as this one, and I also typed up a “MANDELA AWARENESS QUIZ”, a simple 3-page question and information packet that I hand out to people I know. If you go about it the right way you can actually get people to realize what has happened without totally freaking them out in the process. Another thing I do is mention to people everywhere I go, I will ask people out in public if they ever heard of The Mandela Effect, and then when they say “NO” (which is just about 99.9% of the people I’ve asked the question have so stated), I will then ask them if they have Internet capability, (to which about 90% say “YES, THEY DO”,… I will ask them to do me a favor and to type “MANDELA EFFECT” into the YouTube search engine and promise me they will watch 5 videos on the subject when they go home. lol! It might make me look crazy to many of COMPLETE STRANGERS I walk up to out in public, but believe it or not, the vast majority thus far have been very nice and respectful toward me when I do this! The corporate/government controlled/sponsored “main stream” media is NOT doing their job, (so what else is new), therefore it is up to you and I to do it for them. The FIRST step to getting answers, and bringing the perpetrators of this PREPOSTEROUS ABOMINATION to pay for their crimes id to wake as many people up as possible about it!

I would like to give credit where credit is due. I admit, I do in fact use portions of other peoples work when making my own videos, however I do so with absence of malice. I do so for the benefit of the public and by way of the FAIR USE DOCTRIN. Please check out their work because it’s all good! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Xeu2… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNs0c… Also please keep in mind that NONE of my videos are monetized and NEVER will be. Thank you and May God Bless!

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Reddit link to the whistleblower information: https://www.reddit.com/r/MandelaEffec…

100 Mandela Effect Examples – Best Mandela Effect Examples – The Ultimate List – In 10 Minutes!

* This is the combined list of the Two 50 Mandela Effect Example lists, corrected from typos, and errors. A few different examples. The other Two Lists will be deleted a few days.

1. Nelson Mandela
2. The Village people
3. Wizard of Oz the scarecrow
4. Snow white line
5. The back of the eye sockets
6. Tony the tiger
7. JC Penney
8. Hitler’s eye color
9. Sally Field Quote
10. Chuck E. cheese
11. Desi Arnaz
12. Procter and Gamble
13. Mr. Rogers Neighborhood
14. Interview with The Vampire
15. Mona Lisa
16. The Home Depot
17. The Berenstain Bears
18. Staples
19. Gene Wilder
20. I love lucy’s
21. Oreos
22. Seth Macfarlen
23. Wizard of Oz Quote
24. jfk
25. Cheez it
26. Oscar Mayer
27. C3PO
28. Wolkswagen
29. Volvo
30. Ford
31. Fruit loops
32. Skechers. t
33. Zsa Zsa Gabor
34. Silence of the lambs
35. Cup O Noodles
36. Whiteout
37. Fruit of the Loom
38. Katy Perry
39. Johnny walker
40. Gaddafi
41. Sally Fields’
42. Johnny quest
43. folgers
44. Fidel Castro
45. Mickey mouse No longer has suspenders
46. O’Reily Auto Parts
47. Queen
48. Beam me up, Scotty
49. Gortons
50. Mike N Ikes
51. Dr. Doolittle
52. Depends
53. Elliot’s
54. Ghandi
55. Vlassic
56. Eddy’s
57. Penzoil
58. Smokey the Bear
59. Pikachu’s tail
60. Lay-Z-Boy
61. Kit-Kat
62. Inspector Gadget
63. Curious Jorge
64. Sinbad
65. Starwars line,
66. Bill Nye
67. monopoly man
68. Haley’s Comet
69. Australia
70. Spagetti – o’s
71. Tank man
72. Vick’s Vaporub
73. Herbal Essence
74. Coke Zero
75. Marilyn Monroe
76. PhilCollins’
77. Moses
78. Oxy Clean
79. Sex in The City
80. Cuba
81. Lion and wolf
82. Chic-fil-A or Chik-
83. Jiffy
84. Febreze
85. Double Bubble
86. Field of dreams
87. Forest Gump line
88. Barbie world
89. CliffNotes
90. Thanksgiving
91. Harry Houdini
92. Daylight Savings
93. XBOX logo
94. Looney Toons
95. The adams family
96. Jaws
97. Chevron
98. Haines
99. Pixi Stix
100. Reddi whip

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