We all know a few or many attention whores (they are everywhere), we see them on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and where ever else they can get a bit of attention. They do their little show for the small cost of likes and they are ALWAYS surrounded by drama. They also tend to be selfish, spoiled, depressed, weak, scared, arrogant and ignorant.

They feel the need to publicize every BORING event that happens in their lives, “happy birthday mom” your mom ain’t even on Facebook so STFU! They present their lives as so perfect its all “I love you” when the second anyone turn their backs or leaves “she a slag.”

And when their craving for attention is noticed and pointed out they get defensive and angry! These tend to be the same people that completely ignore the news, politics or anything other than themselves.

If it was a tiny proportion of the population acting in such a away it wouldn’t really matter, the trouble is it seems to be a growing trend. Women are getting cheaper just a click of the like button is enough to please many.

Ignorance is a choice nowadays, these people lie to themselves so much that before they know it their life is a great big ignorant lie.

I believe in freedom and therefore I believe that if this is what you want to do with your time and life its up to you and you should be allowed to do so. But don’t cry and get offended when somebody says what many others are thinking. You should be thankful that somebody cares enough to tell you the truth.

Facebook should give us a dislike button this would maybe put them off a bit, if that don’t work they should add an ATTENTION WHORE button.