2017 = Better me???

Its a new year and although I’m not usually one for making new year resolutions this year I will be aiming to change a few things! I don’t want to argue so much, life is too short, its time for me to accept that to most people I am a mentally ill conspiracy theorist and to me most people are hypnotized, demoralized zombies.

I will stop smoking weed! Smoking weed undermines us, it makes it easy for people to dismiss us as stoned idiots. The people that do dismiss us as stoned idiots are usually eating and drinking their chemically enhanced food and drinks, getting pissed every night or high on pharmaceutical prescribed drugs but that is socially acceptable in this strange society we live in.

Some people accuse me of being arrogant so I’m going to tone my arrogance down so not to offend so much despite the fact that their arrogance, ignorance and mentality is disturbing to me.

I’m going to stop swearing in my blogs and videos because my swearing bothers a few people.

I’m going to start reading my blogs before I post to avoid typing errors and smelling mistakes!

I’m going to get a job, get a new TV and be like everybody else.

Actually fuck that I need a Spliff it helps me write, think and sleep! Fuck you if my swearing bothers you we living in the age of Pizzagate, extreme poverty and Corporate pop whores are promoted to children. As for my arrogance I’m just intelligent enough to know and understand that I am equal to anybody and everybody on this planet and I speak for the unheard that you are arrogant enough to ignore.

I will try again tomorrow! Happy New Year..