Review of Eighth generation video games and consoles

Its been just over four years since Sony and Microsoft released the PS4 and the Xbox One and they are both graphically superior to the seventh generation of video game consoles but are the games any better to play? I love GTA 5 on the PS4 and the graphics to Doom are among the best graphics I have ever seen but I still feel a little disappointment in the 8th generation of video games consoles! Its not the machines that have disappointed its the games. I’m still to play Metal Gear Solid which I will get when I can afford but looking at the games available nothing new really stands out.

After nearly four years of playing GTA 5 I still can’t find many games that look exciting. Modern games seem to have beautiful graphics and deep stories but no real game play improvement. I love the fact that Neo Geo games are now available as a cheap alternative they take up little space on your system and they are sometimes great but overall the price of playing especially online is getting ridiculous. Also Playstation store sell GTA money does that make GTA money an actual currency? Are GTA players allowed to sell their GTA money for real money?

I think the industry misses Sega! Sega may have been quick to scrap ideas and sometimes looking to change too fast but Sega began online gaming, they also forced Nintendo who was happy selling their very successful 8 bit machine to progress quicker. I was always a fan of Sega I owned a Megadrive, Mega CD and 32X and was happy with them all except for the 32X that was shit but the Mega CD is very underrated. Sonic CD and Final Fight were my favorites but there were many other great games on that system. The trouble the Mega CD had was video motion games they were shit and cheap to make because of they were cheap to make companies released shit video motion games and I hated every one I ever played.

I skipped the Sega Saturn and the Playstation for the Nintendo 64. The Nintendo 64 was a powerful machine (at the time) it however lacked decent games Golden Eye was great but other than Mario 64 that was all the N64 really offered and it was over priced. The Sega Dreamcast on the other hand was fucking great and years ahead of its time. I never understood why it did not get more recognition and more popular.

I think the industry is crying out for somebody like Sega to get back in to the hardware race. Microsoft and Sony are destroying the gaming industry and Nintendo is not a real alternative its aimed at children.

Playstation 4 has no backwards compatibility at all. The only way to play old Playstation games on your PS4 is paying for Playstaion Now (which is £12.99 a month and only gives a smallish selection of old titles. The Xbox one has backwards compatibility on selected games (which is better than nothing which is what Sony offer.)

The price of playing online and 8th generation games in general is getting ridiculous and surely putting people off. Playstation Plus, Playstation Now and Playstation fucking Pro is designed to rip off and squeeze as much money out of the consumers as possible.


This week Bono said modern music was very girly and ends up being accused of being sexist!!

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the singer said: “I think music has gotten very girly. “And there are some good things about that, but hip-hop is the only place for young male anger at the moment – and that’s not good.” He added that one of his sons, Elijah, “believes that a rock and roll revolution is around the corner”. And the singer said he agreed with his son that the genre “will return”.

The Evening Standard listed twitter insults that were made at Bono like;

One Twitter user posted: “1) define ‘girly’ 2) why are boys filled with rage 3) f*** off Bono.”

Another tweeted: “Bono thinks expressing emotions in a non-shouty way is ‘girly’. It’s not. This is just toxic masculinity through the lens of ‘music’ (I mean, if we’re talking metal, U2 don’t exactly cut it). Men: it is not ‘girly’ to express feelings without hitting things or yelling.”

Let me be clear I have never liked Bono or U2. For me R.E.M were always far superior but really I always liked a heavier version of rock than U2 offer. I don’t know Bono but many things I have read about him in the past made me believe he seemed a bit of a prick but this time I think Bono has a point.

Modern Music is shit, its girly, boring, lame and mostly the same. Where are bands like Nirvana, Guns n Roses, System of the down, Sex Pistols, the Prodigy  and Rage against the machine? Even rap music has been tamed massively. Its like the music industry has decided that music with any kind of anger or realness to it should not be accessible. It seems that the vast majority of musicians are just puppets selling sex and their gimmicks as opposed creating new original music.

Look at males artists from Britain just lately Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, Zayn Malik etc, etc they make Oasis and U2 sound like Cradle of Filth. Everything sounds like it straight from a Disney Musical.


SOUR DIESEL from Mr Cronk on Dream Market Cannabis REVIEW

This week I have been smoking Sour diesel from a Dream Market vendor called Mr Cronk. Mr Cronk is a highly rated established and trusted vendor with a good selection of Cannabis.

The Sour diesel from Mr Cronk is nicely grown and dried. It is very dense and therefore grinds up nicely. It smells earthy and fresh. I love the effects of sour diesel it is literally numbing, relaxing and does not cause as much tiredness and fatigue as other cannabis strains do.

Sour Diesel is highly used by medical patients due to its ability to numb pain it is also sometimes used against things like depression and insomnia. Like the Lemon Sour Diesel, Sour Diesel is a nice smoke with calming effects. It is definitely among my favorites for its unique taste and its numbing effects.

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I have blogged this subject sooo many times I get sick of repeating so one more time. First it was Facebook then YouTube and Google and Twitter these sites are blatantly censored. Due to this censorship many former users of these sites have been looking for alternatives. YouTube has tons of alternatives unfortunately none of the alternatives have close to the amount of users that YouTube has and many vloggers and so on still use YouTube, as shit as YouTube is (with their ridiculously hypocritical advertising policy and full blown censorship) its better than nothing.

Facebook also has many alternatives as does Google news. Steemit offers small cryptocurrency payments to bloggers unfortunately Steemit is not so much censored but it is highly controlled and despite its claim of being decentralized it is not.

Reddit is a FUCKING joke which is a shame because it has so much potential. First thing I FUCKING HATE about Reddit is their fussiness. Things like too many capitals in the title is a responsible reason I suppose but some of the reasons are ridiculous. I shared a few posts on /r/Dream_Market ban me for spam! They’re greedy bastards they just didn’t like the idea of somebody sharing links and them missing out on affiliation payments through the links that they provide.

r/Conspiracy ban me for “self promotion” call me stupid if you like but I make a considerable amount of videos that most would say are CONSPIRACY THEORIES I thought a good place to share them would be a page of fans of conspiracy and the videos and blog I shared were doing pretty well. Until r/Conspiracy ban me and remove the posts including this one That is a conspiracy. What kind of shit is a page that allows you to share as long as its not your own material?

I would also like to give a huge FUCK YOU to the following pages /r/WTF,   r/Ghosts and r/Paranormal. Reddit is a joke and too many moderators seem to fascist haters of freedom of speech and freedom of expression The only thing that bought people to Reddit is censorship yet Reddit is as censored as any site I have ever used.   


Eminem is back but is he still good? Top Five Albums.

I used to love Eminem unfortunately I believe he turned in to an average rapper and (for me at least) began doing collaborations with too many mainstream pop musicians. This worked for Stan (maybe why he thought he should do it again) but I do not believe it has worked since. Looking at his new track list for his latest Album he has tracks with Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran and Pink! Not great, why does Eminem not use the huge impact and influence he has to promote new rappers instead of promoting these pop stars? I have very little interest in anything Eminem does nowadays! I give it a listen but I hate most of it!

It was not always like this so here are my top five Eminem albums

1. The Slim Shady LP

Great Album with many great tracks my name is, Guilty conscience and role model are great but this album also has Just don’t give a fuck, Still don’t give a fuck, Rock Bottom, My fault and bad meets evil. One of my favorite albums ever it grown on me so much.

2. The Eminem show

His Forth album the Eminem show was brilliant best tracks are White America, Solider, Til I collapse and Cleaning out my Closet.

3. The Marshall Mathers LP

Another great album best tracks (in my opinion) are Kill You, The way I am and Marshall Mathers (most would say Stan as well)

4. Infinite

His first album was a complete flop but still better than anything he puts out nowadays.

5. Relapse

Some people don’t like this and it definitely is not as good as his earlier stuff it is A LOT better than Encore though (the worst I have heard him do) and since this Eminem seems to have turned to complete pop. 3 am, Stay wide awake are about the best on here.

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Are Jeremy Corbyn supporters only after free stuff?

Everybody loves free stuff according to much of the fascist terrorist supporting, extremist mainstream media Jeremy Corbyn has actually based much of his campaign around offering people “free stuff” from a “magic money tree.” I wonder how many of these newspapers exposing Jeremy Corbyn and the “free stuff” he is going to be giving away were sold with “win a free holiday” or some other “free stuff” inside?

Like I said at the start everybody loves free stuff the trouble is NOTHING comes for free everything costs money and lots of it. Water, gas, electric, food, housing clothes its all expensive. But why? Does it need to be so expensive? The answer is NO it does not. Water falls from the sky free of charge and free of added chemicals yet we are charged over £200 a year for it. And collection of rainwater is regulated in the UK (and many states in the USA) they don’t want to to have it for free.

Food grows from the ground potatoes, vegetables and many fruits grow easily and in a abundance so why is it £2.00 for a large fries from McDonalds? A large fries in literally about two fairly big potatoes in other words about 5 pence worth of food. Even taking wages (which are usually low) and distribution in to account the profit margin is ridiculous.

The same pattern emerges EVERYWHERE. Tobacco, Alcohol, clothing, fuel all these things are very cheap yet we pay a fortune for them. The huge multinational corporations that are selling us these products pay a lame wage and a MUCH smaller percentage of tax than we pay.

Britain is not addicted to “free stuff” as “exposed by the telegraph (who offer 30 days free if you subscribe to their website) Britain is sick of being ripped off. The only people that get something for free in the United Kingdom are owners of multinational corporations, the government and millionaires. We (the people/tax payers) actually fund their free stuff.

The Sun use the headline Jeremy Corbyn’s election giveaway is a magic money tree blowing a £300bn black hole in Britain’s finances and costing families an extra £3,500 a year

Labour leader’s manifesto bribes would cost far more than even his eye-watering tax rises would raise.

What the Sun and all the mainstream media know and understand is Jeremy Corbyn does not need a magic money tree and the vast majority of families would not need to pay extra taxes! All Jeremy Corby needs to do is begin to extract money from different places, places that have loads but contribute nothing. Sound familiar? It should because owners of the Sun News corporation is one of them places.

How much tax do corporations and the super rich avoid paying every year? The answer is hundreds of billions. We don’t need a magic money tree we just need a slight redistribution of the wealth that the country possesses.

Parasite – WOLVOMAN80

They think they beat us because they shut our shit down. They haven’t beat fuckin nobody just look the fuck around

The cities are waking the elites are quaking, they’re shitting their pants and they keep making stupid mistakes they have been taking what’s not theirs to take now they’re creating hell on earth fuck the debating it’s getting worse lets starts annihilating and ridding earth of this parasitic demonic curse.

That has manifested and fucking infested they took over the world uncontested, psychotic and evil, They’re fuckin demented, they should be in prison they should be arrested but they own the police so they’re well protected, earth is sick earth is infected the people that dwell here are negatively affected they own the media to which our minds are connected train your minds to fucking reject it.

It’s time to wake before it’s too late to ignore this problem would be a mistake. They extort and thieve, lie and deceive the hypnotised still fucking believe that they are here to help they’re so blind and naïve it won’t be long before they’re taxing the air that breath.

They make profit from the things that we need just to survive and to stay alive they hold us back we will not thrive until we change, awake and arise when our consciousness is fully revived to take us on will be suicide. Let’s destroy the system that they have created for every one man that benefits there’s a thousand that hate it. The system is flawed the system is dated it’s controlled by fascists and fucking racists our minds have been manipulated the masses are stupid, unsophisticated. They’re trained to obey they’re not educated, the shit that we read is government regulated its designed to deceive it’s all fabricated yet they still believe and these words are wasted on people that cannot comprehend the truth or face it.


A thousand charity shops and yet the homeless are still everywhere!

I come from a poverty stricken (for the most part) city called Wolverhampton. I spent most of my life living around poverty lucky for me my family was not really affected by the poverty that surrounded us. A few years ago for the sake of my family (my kids at least) I decided that the time has come to get out of Wolverhampton. We moved to a lovely posh area of natural beauty called Church Stretton. Church Stretton is a place of high wealth and low intelligence high ignorance but low compassion and so on. Most of the people that live in Church Stretton have a Country Bumpkin mentality, the place is under the Ludlow constituency and is a Tory safe seat.

The youth in Church Stretton have lots of money but they would shit bricks if faced with the average city or even town. I hated it! Nowadays I live in Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury is known to be posh (at least compared to where I come from.)

Yet if you were to walk around Shrewsbury you would still witness much homelessness and shocking levels of poverty. Not as bad as Wolverhampton or Birmingham but still pretty bad considering the money that many people in Shrewsbury have.

Shrewsbury also has a HUGE selection of “charity shops.” Despite these many Charity shops the homeless in and around Shrewsbury are still offered no support or help whatsoever. Why is this the case? I believe its pretty simple. Charity shops are a fucking rip off! They are ripping off the naive that donate. These Charity shops are collecting for Hope House, Cancer Research, British Heart Foundation, British red cross, Oxfam, Shropshire Cat rescue (literally a crazy old woman that has loads of cats in her house and collects charity for them and STILL sells the cats at a profit as well) and many others.

So in a town that is full of homelessness and poverty (in places) these “charities” are collecting for animals that can survive without charity. I can not think of a single charity shop in Shrewsbury that actually collects for the homeless. I do not believe these people should have to rely on charity but we live in Tory Britain so they do.

The charity shops in Shrewsbury are usually overpriced (considering they live off donations) and NOT working at all (at least not for the people that need charity.)

This is what the corporate takeover of charity has caused, these people/shops do not care one little bit for the homeless all they care about is money. I find it disgraceful that animals and corporations like Cancer research (oppressors of natural remedies and sales people for corporate made drugs that are usually equally as dangerous as cancer) are prioritized and the poor are still ignored.

That is why I believe a full blown boycott of these “charities” is required instead of giving your old clothes to these PARASITES you would probably be better off giving them straight to the homeless or at least find a small charity that has not yet lost their soul.



A couple of inches of FUCKING snow and the whole of Britain comes to a stand still!

No schools, no post, public transport fucked it makes you wonder what would happen if Britain faced a real crises. My council tax bill is over £400 per year (for a bedsit) with four apartments (each one has the same council tax rate.) Despite this HIGH council tax I have seen NOT ONE single gritter meaning that the roads are lethal especially the lesser used roads. What the fuck are we paying it for? They empty our bins (every fortnight) and provide street lights and thats about it.

Also take a minute to think about the homeless in this cold weather, they are still receiving no help, no support and now they have freezing temperatures to contend with as well. How many will freeze to death alone this Christmas? What the fuck is the point of the government? Who the fuck are they helping? Where the fuck are the taxes they thieve going? What the fuck are they doing?

The British government collect HUGE amounts of taxes weekly. VAT, Council tax, Income Tax, Tax on alcohol, fuel and tobacco but the money that they collect does not benefit anybody other than the government and the corporations (who pay not even close to a fair rate themselves.) If they did collect taxes from multinational corporations maybe they would have enough funding to sort out some of these problems.

The truth is the reason they do not grit the roads or help the homeless is simple they are too busy and spending too much money on allowing corporations (like Facebook, Amazon, Google, Tesco and so on) to avoid paying tax.

As far as the government are concerned corporations and the super rich are the only people worth helping the rest of us are just an inconvenience. So they will carry on helping the corporations and moving the homeless out of the consumers sight.


What I love about having a YouTube channel.

I love it when Americans asked what kind of English I speak. My answer is the kind that we speak in England, maybe if I put on twenty stone, chewed a double quarter pounder while talking and spoke out of my nose you might understand me a little better but fuck that.

I love when CRAZY people begin to threaten me because they did not like the video. It would be like me sending threats to Jeremy Clarkson because I think top gear and the Grand Tour is shit. Tbh though I am going to knock Jeremy Clarkson spark out if I ever see him, if your reading this Jeremy be warned!

I love it when businesses rip me or my family off, I love writing negative articles and including the businesses in my videos and then sending them an email of the video or blog or both if they are worth it. I then love reading their threats and lies as they try to insinuate that I am “breaking the law” or something.

Obviously there are many shit things about YouTube (well really there is only one its called Google) but YouTube is still my main source entertainment, its free to watch and it even brings me in a small income. But it is even more than that I have reached obscene much more than I ever thought possible.

YouTube was so good that even Google and their hate for freedom of speech and expression along with their greed, government and corporate friendly censorship have still not completely destroyed it. There is many good videos hidden in the deep dark depths of YouTube they are just much harder to find then what they used to be.



A WARNING to parents and drug users synthetic cannabis is NOTHING like cannabis.

Synthetic cannabis is being sold under many names spice, Black Mamba, fake pot, K2, K3, K4, herbal incense and many others. It was even sold legally on Amazon up until about 2011 (I can’t find the exact date Amazon removed these products) meaning that Amazon have promoted and popularized this product. Despite the fact it is not on Amazon anymore spice is still easily found and picked up MUCH cheaper than cannabis. It is also much stronger and much more dangerous than Cannabis.

I actually tried some a few years back before I knew what it was. A kid approached me in Wolverhampton when I was walking my dog. He noticed I was smoking a spliff as I regularly did when I was walking the dog. He told me that he could not get weed but they was selling this stuff in a shop in Wolverhampton and passed me a bag of it. It looked similar to weed but I remember it was darker and did not smell nothing like weed. He pulled out a spliff he had rolled and asked me to try some. I had a couple of hits and I remember being surprised of how strong it was considering it was being sold legally on Amazon and in shops in Wolverhampton city center. The effects it gave me were cannabis like effects but lucky enough for me I only had a couple of little hits of it.

I have since been educated about this drug and this is a truly dangerous drug. In fact the hospital local to me say that they have seen five deaths in one year as a direct result of this drug. The real numbers will (as always) be much worse than that as they were not even including accidents that people may have had after taking this stuff. Amazon should be forced in to paying HUGE AMOUNTS compensation for this. This drug has had such of a negative impact on the poor (looking for a cheap alternative to cannabis) and many families around the country have lost people to this drug.

I’m not only talking about the homeless and the poor but also the millions of Amazon customers that would have assumed that if Amazon are selling it it must be safe.

Synthetic marijuana users report experiences similar to those produced by natural marijuana — elevated mood, relaxation, and altered perception. Often, the effects can be  stronger than those of natural marijuana due to the synthesized chemicals. Some users report psychotic effects like extreme anxiety, paranoia, and hallucinations.

Amazon have removed the products from their website but the damage has already been done! Thanks to Amazon this extremely dangerous product is now being used all over the country on a disturbing scale. The damage this drug has already caused is shocking and unseen by the masses and its going to get worse. Many of the homeless are currently using this drug because of its low cost and easy access.

Why are the homeless and poor not being helped?

A conversation on the subject of homeless people with the average Brit and me usually leads to an argument. I find most peoples ignorance offensive when it comes this subject. Comments and ideas like “even if they had money they would just buy drugs” or “its usually their own fault they’re homeless” are pretty ridiculous and ignorant comments. I believe people that live on the streets are sometimes (not always) attracted to drugs especially strong and dangerous drugs because of the situation that they have found themselves in.

Drugs tend to numb pain and even feelings so people in both physical and emotional pain attract towards them. I have never been that experimental with drugs, I have always approached with caution. I lived in a town where it was almost fashionable to inhale gas, inject heroin, smoke weed and snort cocaine. I never touched heroin in my life and I tried gas but never liked or even understood why people would ever do that shit more than once. The only drugs I have ever taken with any consistency is Cannabis and Cocaine nothing else ever really appealed to me. I feared many drugs and I managed to stay away from serous addiction. The only drugs I am really addicted to is Tobacco and tea! I smoke weed but I can go without when I need to, I really struggle to go without tobacco and I drink obscene amounts of tea.

Many of my friends however did take much stronger drugs and many of them are still living with the constituencies of it to this day. When I actually think about it I can honestly say I can’t think of a single person that I know that does not do drugs. So how does drug addiction lead to being made homeless? NOBODY is selling their house to buy drugs the system is creating homeless numbers to increase not drug addiction or anything else.

Anybody that walks around any city or decent size town will know there are much more homeless people now then ten or twenty years ago. And the problem is even worse than it appears as many of the homeless are removed from public view by being offered tents in more secluded, unseen areas. The reason that many reject or do not like to stay in these tents because by sleeping in shop windows in busy city centers they are more likely to get a bit of money.

The British government are at the moment shamefully and disgracefully failing and even victimizing these people. There are literally people freezing to death in the streets they are being given no home, no support and not even a glimmer of hope no wonder they turn to drugs. Even worse is because of a lack of money they turn to cheap much more dangerous drugs. The reason that many turn to stronger drugs has nothing to do them wanting to get more fucked and more to do with them wanting to get fucked for cheaper.

A system that allowed drugs to be distributed more freely (especially cannabis) could lead to drugs being much more affordable which I believe would actually help the homeless massively.

But what they really need is to be re-homed as quickly as possible but they’re not, they’re just left homeless and desperate sitting in shop windows hoping somebody throws them a pound.

The point I am trying to make is we don’t know what could have lead to people ending up in the situations that they end up in, we have have not lived their lives yet some are so quick to judge and place themselves as superior. But these people are somebodies child and one day it could be you or even worse your child so they should be prioritized, supported and re-homed.


Sorry about the mess I have made to cover up my personal Facebook account friends and details but the reason I am sharing this messy image is because I recently tried to share this link 

Facebook blocked the action! So as well as corporate and government friendly censorship Facebook are now also attacking other websites for reasons that I can not work out.


Black Mamba in Wolverhampton | Drugs Map of Britain

A landmark series exploring the drugs of choice in different parts of the UK. From Mamba in Wolverhampton to Heroin in Manchester, this series lifts the lid on the narcotic landscape of Britain today. In the first of this series, we explore a legal high ‘epidemic’ in Wolverhampton. Following 27 year old Liam over three months in his battle to quit the synthetic cannabinoid “Black Mamba”. Legal Highs are set to be outlawed by the British government in April. The ban comes as a response to the increasing use of synthetic drugs across the streets of Britain. If you’ve been affected by any of the issues raised in this programme and live in the UK, these organisations may be able to offer help and support.



The British government will pay somebody to look after your children! As long as they are not the parents?

You may be able to claim back up to 85% of your childcare costs if you’re eligible for Universal Credit.

You (and your partner if you live with them) will usually need to either:

  • be working – it doesn’t matter how many hours you or your partner work
  • have a job offer

How much you’ll get

The most you can get back each month is:

  • £646 for one child
  • £1108 for 2 or more children

You can claim Universal Credit online.

If you stop working

Tell the Universal Credit helpline if you stop working. You can continue to claim childcare costs for at least one month after your job ends.

Where is the sense in this?

If the government are prepared to pay £646 for one child or £1108 for 2 or more children to a working family for child care why can’t they provide the same kind of payments for stay at home parents? The more I look at it the more I am starting to believe that this Universal Credit is absolute craziness.

If a child carer is working by looking after your children then surely so are the parents. This is just a STUPID idea that is designed to break up families an force people in to work. This will of coarse make government stats look much more impressive than they are because somebody looking after your child is employed. But when we (the parents) look after our children we are unemployed and I believe that this is much of the reason they do it. The illusion of jobs.

If you pay your neighbor to watch your children and they pay you to watch theirs the problem is solved! 100% employment to all parents.






I have a new job!

My new job is being a stoned prick! The reason I have taken this job is not so much because of the money (the money is shit I spend more than I earn on just getting stoned) but mainly because I have always wanted to say “I’m just doing my job” while acting like a prick! So if you see me and I’m stoned remember I’m just doing my job.

If you see me and I steal your wallet and house keys before breaking into your house and taking everything you own remember I’m a stoned prick and I’m just doing my job.

I can’t wait for the World Cup!

That might sound funny coming from somebody that is NOT a football fan anymore (the only sport I follow is boxing) but I have my reasons for being excited about World Cup 2018. I can’t wait to see the overpaid, overrated, under skilled and under worked England football team embarrass themselves again.

I watched them in the European Cup (last year) with a couple of deluded England fans. They seemed to get very offended and upset as I jumped for joy as Russia scored a last minute equalizer against England (they don’t talk to me any more in the words of Kurt Cobain Oh well, Whatever, Never mind.) I sat bored as fuck and watched them beat Wales and draw to Slovakia.

But that was followed by one of my favourite football matches EVER! The “mighty” three lions get knocked out of the competition against Iceland!

Why do I have such of a problem with the England Football team? Because it is completely against my nature to support a bunch of spoiled millionaire brats even if they are from the same country I’m from! Some people may claim that I am jealous of the talent that these people possess and the wealth it generates for them. I’m not jealous to be able to control a football is a talent, it would be a completely useless talent but the nations and worlds obsession with football has made it a talent that pays much better than most.

I was once a passionate England fan, I watched and supported them in 1990 in some of my earliest memories. I was devastated when they failed to qualify in 1994 and gutted when they outplayed Argentina and had a goal disallowed in 1998. They played pretty well in Japan 2002 and in Germany 2006 they were way to reliant on a injured Wayne Rooney (who failed to match performances that he gave before that world cup again.)

By 2010 I was starting to recognize the problem with the world (not just the England football team.) I did not give a fuck when Germany humiliated them in that competition and from then on my support for England has turned in to support for whoever they are playing against!


What do Paul Gascoigne and the British government have in common?

If you watch them properly they both expose themselves! The only trouble is nobody watches the British government expose themselves.

As for Gazza one of the Greatest English footballers EVER, WTF happened? This is what alcohol can do to people I guess. Thats why I would rather smoke weed.


Look at Russia, North Korea and China but don’t look at us.

Look at Meghan Markle holding Prince Harry’s hand. Wikipedia tells us; Markle is descended from the Bowes family, making her a distant cousin of Prince Harry. Meghan and Harry’s most recent common ancestors are Elizabeth Bowes (1505–c.1572) and her husband, Richard Bowes, son of Sir Ralph Bowes of Streatlam Castle and High Sheriff of County Durham—ancestors of Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. But don’t look at that. Look at Prince George instead isn’t he cute.

Look at Putin and Kim Jong-un aren’t they naughty? Look at the TV, watch Eastenders, Strictly come dancing and the “news.” Work and consume, submit and obey and never question authority because to question authority is extremism and extremism leads to terrorism.

Watch the Football, Rugby or Tennis but do not watch your government employ financial fascism on its own citizens at the same time of murdering citizens in the Middle East.

Do not watch Theresa May as she attempts to sell us the idea that an independent inquiry in to the MP child sex abuse scandal that has slowly been brewing up for years is a threat to National Security.

Do not watch Theresa May as her and the party she represents continue to extort the poorer classes despite not even winning the election. Do not watch your governments arms deals as they continue to support and supply Saudi Arabia with weapons of mass destruction despite the fact they know these weapons are being used to murder people and destroy a nation.


Life the video game (somewhere in actual reality)

Life is a whole new ultra realistic experience which allows its users to live life on a planet called Earth. In Life we live in an ultra detailed world of business, corporations, obscene wealth, ignorance war and poverty. The player is born with very limited ability and knowledge these are called “babies.” As you grow stronger we soon learn that in life it really is every man for himself as we have to earn money to survive, to earn money we can work, thieve, murder the game rewards risks as well as punishes them harshly.

To add spice to the game the developer has added a twist! Hidden within society are a emotionless conscience free psychopaths. They are drawn towards the government, police and other positions of authority and power but they could be anybody and anywhere!

In life we can start our own family, raise our own children, start a small family business, travel the world and appreciate nature but the wolf is always lurking and ready to destroy all that you have built!

Will you play the game the way they want you to play the game and allow them to take over or will you resist and fight back? Will you even recognize the enemy?



Compilation of my favourite ‘Scum’ scenes

Scum was released in 1979 and is about Borstals in the United Kingdom. Borstals were like prisons in which young offenders were placed. Correctional facilities in other words. I love this film and here I present you with a compilation of my favourite scenes. More to come!


Ray Winstone
Phil Daniels
Mick Ford
Julian Firth
John Judd
Philip Jackson
John Blundell

Reddit vs Steemit vs Facebook vs Twitter vs Google Plus

OK first get rid of Google plus and twitter because they are useless. Twitter is highly censored and seems to focus and promote too much celebrity bullshit and Google Plus and the worst website I have ever seen or heard of. Google plus is so bad that just its existence has worsened other sites (YouTube,) its so bad that people like me (YouTube users) were FORCED to use and accept it because Google knew the only way they could gather an audience for Google Plus was by sucking the blood out of YouTube (YouTube was not even their idea or creation.)

So now we are left with Steemit, Facebook and Reddit. Steemit is good in a lot of ways but I have noticed it seems to suffer from a small pool of readers. If I post a link on Reddit or Facebook it can bring thousands of people to my site. Steemit seems to lack the ability to do this it may bring 20 or 30 visitors but thats about it. It could get better as time goes on but right now the only thing good about Steemit is it pays cryptocurrency for your posts.

Now we are left with Facebook and Reddit. Facebook should be the most useful one of them all because it has the most users but heavy censorship has ruined it. It does still have its uses and is very hit and miss. If I post everyday or even every week my posts can still reach thousands of people. Facebook have also locked me out of two accounts and made its self as useless as possible.

Reddit seems to me to be the most effective way of sharing yours blogs! It is far from perfect though and still censored. Its overly strict on new accounts I only signed up a week ago and because of this I am flagged for spam when I post despite a capta solving when posting and signing up. The reason I did not sign up earlier is because I was told it was censored and useless which it is. But it is a little less useless than the rest of them and at least Reddit tell you that they are removing your content instead of simply hiding it.


Why and how you should be using Dream Market. NEW LINKS UPDATED 12/02/2018

This post is not suitable anybody in the world. I suggest you leave immediately.

Millions of people in the UK already use drugs and they are usually over charged on poor quality drugs for doing so. The war on drugs is nothing more than a small part of a much larger war. The war on your freedom.

I smoke weed and through blogging I earned a little bit of cryptocurrency. This could not have come at a better time because at the time I was struggling to buy food never mind smoke weed.

After going a couple of weeks without smoking weed but smoking lots of cigarettes to make up for it I decide to try Silk Road. I purchase a few small orders thinking if one does not come through at least one of the others should. To my surprise they all come through and the difference in quality and choice to what we find on the street is ridiculous. Silk Road had trouble and went down which caused me problems (I lost 80 USD.) I also fell for a dodgy vendor cost me another 135usd which was finalize early (below are some trusted vendors from the United Kingdom.) I would not finalize early on Silk Road or Dream Market unless you have used the vendor before or he has a high and established rating.

Silk Road went up and down shortly after this and despite months of me sending them polite messages I found myself being ignored. I thought Fuck Silk Road I will try Dream Market and I have used only Dream Market since.

First thing that you need to use Dream Market is Tor which can be downloaded @

Next thing you are going to need is an account you can sign up for Dream Market at the following links. If One is down try the next one. There are extra links at the bottom of the page in case none of the below work.


Next thing that you need to use Dream Market or any market like it is some Bitcoin. Bitcoin can be purchased from many places this is one of them

If you are buying bitcoin exclusively to use on Dream Market pay your bitcoin straight in to your Dream Market Wallet using the Bitcoin address provided. This usually takes 20 minutes to clear (I had one take 24 hours once so do not panic if it does not show instantly though it usually does.)

From then on it is as simple as choosing the product that you want to purchase and how you would like it to be shipped. Anything valuable is better tracked and delivery can be the next day or as many as three days. One package took two weeks to show up! By the time it had shown up the vendor had already reshipped another which somehow beat it.

One of my all time favorites Super Silver Haze


PROLine (20) (4.95    )  


฿0.00086 £5.13 (GREAT VALUE)
Europe, Worldwide

MrCronk (1000) (4.92    )

PROLine (20) (4.95    )  


The British government are parasites. The British people need to wake up and get rid of them.

Britain is polluted, the air is dirty and somebody must pay, who are the government going to tax to help fight the pollution problem we face? Maybe they might tax the energy companies. They charge a fortune and make a fortune from polluting the environment. Perhaps they may go after the corporate superstores, Amazon and other companies that indirectly have a negative impact on the environment. Of course instead of the above the government are considering introducing a tax on takeaway food containers!

It sounds reasonable to some but I don’t believe it is. It’s penny pinching and parasitic they are doing it from all angles. Your cigarettes are heavily taxed as is your alcohol, food, petrol, gas, electric and now food packaging. And you can be guaranteed that it will impact small businesses more so than McDonalds, KFC and so on.

This is what the British government seem to do and even consider to be governing. They are not solving the problem, a tax on take away food containers will not even come close to solving the problem but it will make money and it can be easily justified to people under the pretense that they are actually acting in interest of the environment.

I believe there should only be ONE tax. All taxes should be rolled in to one income tax and nothing else. These small taxes left, right and center are making the system complicated, creating paper work and having no benefit on anything other than the governments pockets.


Cheesecake Premium **EGYPT HASH**

Another Cannabis review this time I will be reviewing another pollen (I have already reviewed Moroccan Pollen.) Today I have Cheesecake EGYPTIAN HASH. It looks almost identical and it tastes very similar to Moroccan pollen (which I was also a big fan of but I’m a fan of most Cannabis.) Like the Moroccan Pollen it also has NO hot rocks (hot ash dropping and burning through clothes and furniture.)

Do NOT get it confused with the cheap and nasty “hash” that we get from the streets, I don’t know what that shit is but it definitely is not real hash.

Cheesecake Egyptian hash is a lovely tasting smoke, almost cool on the throat and surprisingly potent. When I had finished I felt like I’d just had a strong skunk, the effects included hunger, relaxation, NO paranoia and it does not make you overly tired and dysfunctional.

I have not smoked any nice pollen since I went to Amsterdam in about 2001 until this year, this year I have smoked quality pollens on numerous occasions thank God for Dream Market and Silk Road.

Cheesecake Egyptian hash is in my opinion even BETTER than the Moroccan Hash that I smoked a few months ago. I found it tastier and stronger than the Morrocan Pollen. I would definitely highly recommend this and AMAZINGLY it can be found on Dream Market for £5 a gram!

Cheesecake Egyptian hash scores 8.3

฿0.00086 £5.13
Europe, Worldwide


Best so far…

G13 HAZE 9.4

Super Silver Haze 9.1


Super Lemon Haze 8.5

Critical Kush 8.4

Cheesecake Egyptian hash 8.3

Lemon Sour Diesel 8.2

The Ultimate 8.2

California Orange 8.1

Afghan Kush 8.1

Moroccan Pollen Hash 8.1

Amnesia Haze 7.9

White Widow 7.7

Jack Herer  7.5



The Darkest Blackest Market of them all!

The police and governments of the United States and United Kingdom are spending a lot of time and money fighting the “black markets.” These markets are usually only available through browsers like Tor. The man that started Silk Road and paved the way for the phenomenon of the “black markets” is named Russ Ulbright.

Russ Ulbricht was charged with money laundering, computer hacking, conspiracy to traffic narcotics, and procuring murder. The charge of procuring murder was removed from the indictment although the evidence was factored into Ulbricht’s sentence. Ulbricht was convicted of all the remaining charges after a jury trial that concluded in February 2015.  He was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole on 29 May 2015.

His arrest and imprisonment has done nothing to halt the success and progress of these markets. This got me thinking, what is the darkest blackest scariest market of them all. After just a couple of hours of searching I think I have found a contender!

The Market I am talking about sells many products on a daily basis including drugs, alcohol and strange sex toys. There are a few examples below. I will NOT share the links because they are too fucked!

Even many of the products that are seemingly innocent involve cruel working conditions, low wages, tax evasion, lobbying, exploitation, thievery, murder. I am of course talking about the blackest, darkest market of them all. AMAZON!