I find myself in arguments on a regular basis, I know I should shut my mouth but I just can’t and that annoys some people sometimes. I have no time for pondering to the false security, naivety and stupidity that some people thrive from. I would rather know the truth and be pissed off than believe in lies and be happy. Knowing the truth does get me down sometimes not so much because of the horrible facts or the evil twisted people that rule our society because I believe that this life is a tiny part of our existence but more because of the willing ignorance that most people suffer from.

Knowing the truth or at least part of it makes you very untrusting of government/corporate run schemes even schools! I’m tired of people that watch very little corporate news or NO news at all assuming they know better than people that devote hours of their time looking for real news. You devote your life to Netflix, Instagram and Facebook and your job I devote mine to searching for the truth.

I’m not saying I am always right but I try to be honest with myself and I try to speak out for the truly oppressed that have not got the means to speak out for themselves.

I am attempting to share the power of real knowledge with you, not shit I have sat here dreaming up but shit I have spent literally years researching. I don’t want you to believe me, I just want you to check the facts out for yourself, show some interest in actual reality.

So many people claim they do not trust the mainstream media but they still sit there watching it and reading it everyday which is OK, I read it a lot to! But when I read it I’m asking myself questions like “is this plausible?, is this important? why are they promoting this? or why are they attacking this?” I’m definitely not taking it as fact because the media lie.

If we believed everything we read by the corporate media we would be believing some pretty weird stuff. They present everything as a given and a fact when most of the time it’s an opinion. Everything is so simple we are the heroes fighting for freedom against terrorists everywhere, they are subhuman scum that need to be killed for your protection. What about if we are the subhuman scum causing terrorism everywhere and they are the heroes defending their livelihoods and families?

They are brainwashing people and oppressing women by forcing them to cover themselves or could it be we are brainwashing people and oppressing women by forcing them to look up to women that are selling a demoralized attitude towards sex and life in general?

When you hear the truth you should not be so fast to dismiss it because you are usually only dismissing it because you don’t like it. What reason would millions of people have to make this shit up? It don’t help us spread fast or go viral in fact its the opposite we are censored and oppressed. Google owe me over $80000 I will probably never get it not because my videos have not received views but because they are the wrong kind of video on the wrong kind of channel and Google hate the truth too!

We all have to trust somebody sometimes when it comes to getting information the only difference is I trust the people you trust the corporate media and the government!

How the media are presenting Pizzagate.

The Independent ask’s what is Pizzagate?

What is Pizzagate? The Hillary Clinton conspiracy theory that led to a man opening fire in a restaurant.

Its a “conspiracy theory that led to a man opening fire in a restaurant? Really?

It goes on

 The man claimed that he was going to ‘self-investigate’ the reports, police said. But those reports had already been proven to be entirely baseless and conjured up on the internet

Who proved that? Show us the proof because I can’t find it online.

It carries on.

 A Washington pizzeria is the home of a child sex abuse ring that includes people including Hillary Clinton and her campaign chief John Podesta, reports claim. Those reports are entirely baseless and there is no actual evidence that the Comet Ping Pong pizza restaurant is anything but a popular pizza place, but that doesn’t matter.

At least the fact that it is entirely untrue doesn’t matter to the thousands of online conspiracy theorists and trolls who have promoted the false rumour. And nor did it matter to the man who walked into the restaurant late at night reportedly brandishing a firearm, hoping to “self-investigate” the reports.

Edgar Maddison Welch, 28 of Salisbury, North Carolina, walked into the front door of Comet Ping Pong and pointed a firearm in the direction of a restaurant employee, T​he Washington Post reported.

The BBC (the ones that employed and protected Jimmy Savile) tell us

The saga of ‘Pizzagate’: The fake story that shows how conspiracy theories spread

No victim has come forward. There’s no investigation. And physical evidence? That doesn’t exist either.

But thousands of people are convinced that a paedophilia ring involving people at the highest levels of the Democratic Party is operating out of a Washington pizza restaurant.

The story riveted fringes of Twitter – nearly a million messages were sent last month using the term “pizzagate”.

One man even travelled hundreds of miles to the restaurant with a gun and opened fire, claiming he was there to “self investigate” the claims.

There is at least one witness and that is Cathy O’Brien she was claiming she was a victim of Hilary Clinton in the 1990s!

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is shockingly biased, people should grow the fuck up according to Stephen Colbert!

The media keep telling us its a lie and fake news but not really offering real evidence to why they believe that is the case. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert claims that Comet pizza does not even have a cellar (I don’t know if thats true) but that does not explain the strange shit this people share on social media, it does not explain all these strange references to pizza and hot dogs and shit and it does not explain why these kind of rumours keep popping up.

You should research the facts yourself and the government should be forced to fully and openly investigate these claims, banning all alternative media from social media will just expose themselves even more as will the kind of biased dismissive method they have of reporting this story…