I’m SORRY the world is full of shit!!!

I have to write an apology because just lately my views, opinions, blogs and thought process seems to be irritating a lot of people! To these people I say sorry!

I’m sorry that you think oppression on a massive scale is alright, I’m sorry that you think businesses that call themselves charities and make a fortune ripping off idiots is all good! I’m sorry that you would rather ignore war crimes and massacres committed by our government and “allies,” I’m sorry I won’t shut the fuck up.

I’m sorry you feed on and rely their thievery to live your life of ignorance.

I’m sorry that you have been demoralized, hypnotized and so easily mentally conditioned to accept all these injustices. I’m sorry you feel so small, scared and pathetic. I genuinely feel sorry for you, you poor mentally enslaved, victim of the times…

The truth is you are not small you are powerful. All you have to do is open your eyes and mind, the lies society offers us are full of something that feels like security but its false security, it’s a trap.

Think about it Father Christmas was the first big you were told and you probably loved that lie, why? Because its so secure! All you have to do is be good and Father Christmas will bring you lots of presents, naughty children don’t get presents. It makes it easier for your parents to control you and your happy everyones a winner! Except the truth is poor children don’t get presents while rich kids get whatever they want, usually well marketed corporate junk. The Father Christmas lie is the start of your delusion and although we grow up out of it the lies never stop coming, they just get more believable to the conditioned adult mind.

School is the next big lie, schools sell the children the Father Christmas lie which I believe is disgraceful, they also sell you the lies of colleges, universities and work.

“Study hard and you will be OK” they tell us, but what is studying to the modern day school/university? Studying is now just memorizing and accepting what you are told! It is systematic hypnosis.

Once you believe their lies through “studying” you are ready to push their agenda and ideology, you may be a doctor and promote their vaccines and drugs while dismissing alternative treatments, you may be a journalist and promote the wars and defend injustices. You may teach/brainwash our kids! Most people don’t do this because they have a personal interest unfortunately most people that promote government recommended vaccines, the war on terror, the education system are not willing puppets, but they believe the lies. They believe the lies because they have always been rewarded for believing the lies, rewarded with good grades, well done stickers, certificates and even better paying jobs!

I was terrible at school, my spelling is shit, if it was not for spell check this blog would probably look like an 8 year old write it! My maths was always better but I don’t rely on maths much anymore so I doubt I am brilliant at that anymore but I usually scored hight in I.Q tests around 120! I done a online dyslexic test a few weeks ago and came out servilely dyslexic. Though I tried hard when my teenage years come I knew I was never going to get anything out of school, I never even picked up that “very important book of achievement” which I was told I would take to every job interview I ever have…Another lie.

What would be the point in me taking that to a job interview, it might as well be a piece of paper with this man is highly stupid write on it! I started smoking, drinking and cannabis at a pretty young age because I knew school was not for me, I then worked on the building trade as first a plasterers labourer and then a plasterer for about 15 years. I shoveled shit for this country and now I’m dumping it on the country!

I love Britain always have, I even like the weather! But I hate the way we are so easily separated by things like class, race, wealth or even “intelligence.”

At school there were things I could not understand one of these things was, the so called “smart kids” never seemed that smart to me despite the fact I was “stupid”. They could read confidently and loudly and when it came to spelling they were brilliant compared to me but when it came to simple general knowledge, common sense or even problem solving they were not so smart!

Like when an accountant student I know done a few weeks labouring on the building site, he could not pick up a 12 ft plank of wood! Not because he was weak but because he was trying to do it from the end of the plank instead of the middle! That is pretty silly to me and this man was supposed to be a mathematical genius!

Schools are looking for obedient minds that are smart enough to follow orders but stupid enough to believe following orders makes you smart and that is what they reward.

When you were waiting for Father Christmas to come and Turn to Yeshua for SALVATION LYRICS.

Fuck YouTube and Google and their censorship and FUCK Santa Claus

Fuck YouTube and Google and their censorship and FUCK Santa Claus

When you were waiting for Father Christmas to come


Turn to Yeshua for SALVATION

Lyrics video, Mankind’s Cancer and In the crowd you stand like sheep. WOLVOMAN80




Lyrics video, Mankind’s Cancer, In the crowd you stand like sheep. WOLVOMAN80


YouTube is NOT for You and Me anymore!

Gone of the day that YouTube was for real people talking about real issues. Google have decided we can use YouTube to watch clips from shit mainstream chat shows or compilations of people falling over, kittens being cute and dogs being stupid or shit corporate music videos but we can not use YouTube to voice any kind of opinion anymore. I really do not like the way YouTube is heading and I am not the only one. Thousands of loyal Youtubers everywhere are facing the same problem, I have watched over hundred videos of people explaining their problems with YouTube. So how do we stop Google from completely destroying YouTube? We need an alternative, something like Steemit that specializes in videos but right now there does not seem to be an alternative.

So right now the only thing we can do is make as much noise as we can, don’t let them quietly shut your channel down and the oldest saying ever don’t put all your eggs in one basket.. In other words write blogs, create websites, look for alternative video players and save your videos some where so that you can re-upload them when you need to.

Also troll, dislike or better still don’t watch the corporate shit that is taking over YouTube, its not like they are giving you anything good anyway…..Just the scraps.

Google are destroying peoples living and careers by doing this and also silencing people that are already very frustrated with the oppression of the system. It is not going to lead to anything good and they know it not to mention they are simply proving us right. You have no freedom! Just because a prisoner is happily singing in his cell does not mean he is free!  In fact they are no more or less free then the ones that are desperately trying to escape from the prison.

What I am saying is right now this censorship does not affect a large number of people because most people do not push the boundaries but if I’m not free and they aren’t free then guess what? Neither are you and neither are your children!

That’s why we should be very concerned with what is happening on the Internet at the moment fake news is just censorship of the truth while real news is just celebrity gossip and propaganda.