Dark Theory. Rothschild’s, Illuminati and the meaning of symbolism. WOLVOMAN80 Documentary.

Dark Theory episode 3. Written and music by Wolvoman80 A brief history of the beginning of the Rothschild family banking ventures as well as looking at modern and ancient symbolism and it’s meanings. Looking at Neronic cross, the dove Eye of horus, Satanism, Masonic, 21 step plan to world dominance. […]

Blogger locked up for blogging!!!

The Daily mail headline reads Anti-Semitic blogger who launched a hate campaign calling a Jewish Labour MP a ‘rodent’ and an ‘evil money-grabber’ is guilty of racial harassment Joshua Bonehill-Paine wrote five hate-filled blogs about MP Luciana Berger It came after his fellow far-right extremist Garron Helm was jailed in […]