Some people I know accuse me being a hater, I am sometimes accused of being a traitor sometimes my views don’t win me no fans but guess what I don’t give damn.

Your accusing me of hate and your probably right I hate the wars they make us fight, the corporate whores we should unite against it all but you’re alright.

I really don’t give a fuck if you fuckin hate me Fuck you because just lately I hate you to you spoiled selfish pricks and pissing you off is how I get my kicks.

People like you make me sick, shallow, narcissistic and so selfish. Your life revolves around your phone and Netflix you hate anything that contradicts what you think you know but you don’t know shit.

You hate Islam and immigration despite the fact you live in a nation that profits from war and exploitation.

You ignore extreme poverty it’s your fuckin ignorance bothers me, you happily submit to authority, despite the fact they are turning the world an atrocity.

I guess you’re alright you got all that you need, but image having children that you cannot even feed all you can do is sit and cry watch them grow weaker and fuckin die.

We steel from this people to satisfy, corporate greed but you turn a blind eye even worse you actually rely on this shit to live your lie.

Don’t attack people that have nothing, that’s what bully’s do, that’s why I attack people like you, it makes me laugh is how you react like you think that you don’t deserve that.

Yes you do you fucking pricks; you attack the poor I attack the rich if you don’t like it then I guess that’s tough shit because you can’t do anything about it.

You claim that hard work will get you through; you’re fucking stupid if you think that’s true, the people that works the hardest usually have the least while born rich pricks have their daily feast.

One side of the world the children can’t even eat the other side they’re all fuckin obese, eating McDonalds and lots of treats, sugar and chemical filled colourful sweets.

Some pricks that I know accuse me of being an arrogant dick, walking around thinking I’m perfect, like I think that I am better than you, it’s not true in fact that’s exactly what you do!

You think you’re more important than the rest of the world just because you’re white, I don’t think that in fact I fight for the rights for everybody and for a better life black, brown, yellow or fuckin white.

You calling me arrogant what were you expecting? My arrogance is just your arrogance you don’t like it when it’s reflecting back in your face your arrogance is affecting people all over the place, so grow up and stop fucking objecting.

I recently moved to a Conservative constituency, now I know why you’re all asleep, it’s not like this in the city rich kids are given schemes and even fuckin charity.

In Birmingham there are kids that sleep in the cold dark city streets, they are not helped but they’re harassed by police, these are the people that need charity.

So fuck young farmers and their corporate partners, you might be middle class but city kids are sharper more real and smarter, it’s the kids from the council estates that tend to grow and make Britain great these rich racist pricks fucking shit bricks when faced with the city and the council estates that the system creates.  

These rich white kids talk complete racist shit go to Heath Town in Wolves and fuckin say it, you wouldn’t say shit and if you fucking did you would end up on floor annihilated.

Thanks for the love and blessings I have received, I gained more support than I would have ever believed thank you again you don’t how much it means.

What the fuck has become of this nation, we now have whole generation sitting at home all alone spending all day on their smart phone.

And too many women are drunk ass bitches only interested in themselves and chasing riches.

They can look hot and very cute but most are just programmed prostitutes, it might be insulting but it’s true remember you can be insulted and wrong to.

I blame schools and the entertainment industry; they’re creating fools fuckin deliberately, I don’t hate women in fact it’s the opposite but what I do hate is a spoiled self-obsessed bitch.

What do we expect look at their role models disgusting sluts with no fuckin morals tell your kids to kill their idols, kill em all let’s start a cull.

Miley Cyrus, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Rhianna, Kim Kardashian, Jessie Jay, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez they’re all satanic whores overpaid prostitutes it’s the truth I mean no disrespect.

Not good role models for your kids, acting like sluts in music vids, YouTube don’t fucking censor this in fact they help promote the shit, that just because they want you stupid, they take your mind and pollute it people used to argue with this shit but nowadays in can’t be disputed.

To the stupid it may seem like I hate everyone and everything but what they can’t see is all this shit is part of the same thing.

It’s all Brain washing mind control with just fuckin one goal, to help the devil to take your soul down in to his hellhole.

We live the age of men in tight jeans they look like bitches copying what they’re seeing on TV you look obscene walking around looking like a drag queen, I can’t face this shit without being lean so for fuck sake pass me some green. 

Most men don’t give a fuck about anything except for their favourite football team.

Fuck football and all other sport, I don’t give a fuck what team you support, it blinds you and distorts what’s important and they extort.

Fuck bitches because most are fucking whores sexual transmitted diseases, genital warts, a life time of paying for child support; she ends up loaded while you’re going short.

Fuck working and drinking your life away for some rich thieves for them to pay a minimal wage when they spend most their time on holiday.

 Fuck fashion, wake up stay fit shape up, fuck tax don’t pay up our government are fucking corrupt so fuck them play up, riot and shake up the world break up the system that spills blood fuck them they can’t stop us I feel like we can’t be touched because Yeshua watches over us so put up your hood and fight the power, destroy and devour all they have created with our brain power and watch the demons fuckin cower as we approach judgment hour.