That’s what happens when your uncle’s your dad by WOLVOMAN80 (FREE DOWNLOAD)

I am a victim of discrimination an extremist preaching radicalization, I am hidden from a population that preaches freedom of expression.
That only applies to the rich, Theresa May is an evil bitch but she can say anything she wants and she gets away with it.

The Daily Mail compares immigrants to Rats, it’s written by extremist spoiled brats, born rich as fuck aristocrats so what I say should be considered tit-for-tat and I still don’t go as low as that.

Actually I would because I believe that someone should stand up for the poor people that they constantly attack.

When I read it I see hate filled extremism, war mongering propaganda and a lack of realism. Just bullshit mind control design to warp your soul this kind of hate and ignorance will put mankind in to a black hole.

So fuck it lets destroy them and love everything that annoys them, there power hungry parasites so let’s take the power from them.

I’m banned from Facebook for the hate I spew, I don’t give a fuck so to Zuckerberg fuck you. You might have money but it’s all you have, you look retarded has anyone ever told you that, oh yeah of course they fucking have it’s all over the internet and you can’t censor all that.

I guess that’s what happens when your uncle is your dad your grandad and your half-brother to stay rich your families all fuckin each other, it’s probably why you are all psychotic and mad.

That is how you were conceived you were probably deformed from a seed for generations your family inbreed and it’s all because of fuckin greed.
Due to this you look like a sick smelly breathed geek, your physically fucking weak; you look like your careers just had to wipe baked beans from your cheek before you publically speak.

Same goes for Larry Page and Sergey Brin promoting propaganda and Zionist spin hiding the truth and censoring anything they are told to but we won’t give in.

We are like a thorn digging into their skin; we make them uncomfortable as we dig in and I know one day that we the people will win and people can be very unforgiving.

The media present them as hero’s like they do with Bill Gates but that’s just because they are paid to propagate, if they are heroes why do they spread war and hate, to believe a word that they say would be a big mistake.

You censor me pricks and I will give you something worthy of censorship, you might be rich but you can’t stop me from doing this, you can try like you do but if you attack me then I will attack you.

And my attacks will be as unfair and harsh as yours, your just fucking inbreed looking corporate whores is this all you got? Because you are going to need more then just censorship that I can assure.