When I started designing my first website a few years ago I received a helping hand from an Australian Hosting Company, they allowed free hosting and advice because the owner of the hosting company liked what I do, I was advised to drop a few ads on the site and make some money. The website was cyber attacked and taken down by a Department of work and pensions office.

When I started my own site I placed a few ads in there, it will at least cover the cost of running the site I thought. After trying tons of advertising companies I decide the only real option is Google Adsense, other companies have ads that slow down the site, take to much space or just generally pissed me off, I hate adverts, I hate Google but unfortunately after searching for days I come to the conclusion its Google Adsense or nothing.

I don’t care much for money but I have kids and I am pressured in to making money out of this shit, so I place the ads from Adsense on my site. At least it will cover the cost of my hosting company I think to myself. Except Adsense is a fucking rip off, the only people that seem to get paid is Google, I was picking up crumbs that fall from their fat mouth.

Thats why I thought FUCK GOOGLE (again) they rip me off on YouTube, I am not going to let me rip me off on here. Now the only link Google have to this site is a long list of blogs exposing, insulting and ridiculing them.

Google, Facebook, Twitter (who the fuck still uses twitter) are just diseases the Internet suffers from, we need something that kills parasites on contact without hurting the rest of us. FUCK GOOGLE ADSENSE and everything Google do.


I am regularly accused by people that love me, used to love me and hate me of being lazy?? I find it harsh, unfair and not true. I admit my sleeping patterns are not like most. I have children so in the day it can be tricky to blog with them around so I do stay up very late doing this shit. Because I stay up late I get up late, think of it as like a shift pattern, except my boss is brilliant, he is handsome, generous and fair, my boss is me!!!

My ex takes care of the kids in the morning I watch them in the evening until they go to bed. I am nowhere near a perfect parent I am short tempered, too inpatient, broke as a joke and I wish I was better but I see them everyday without fail and I LOVE MY KIDS so its better than nothing and love beats money.

Because of the unconventionalness of my job and sleeping patterns many people accuse me of being lazy. I spent from 1996 to 2008 working consistently as a self employed plasterer labouring at the start and I will always have that trade. Plastering is like riding a bike you never forget how to do it. From 2008 to 2014 work slowed down for all builders, the building trade slowed, I worked in patches but never found consistent work.

Then I was on Job seekers allowance until I told the JobCentre about my YouTube channel. “This is work” they insisted and I was put on to working tax credits. Since 2010 I have made over 20 full length documentaries and had literally millions of YouTube views. Pretty impressive for a lazy prick I bet you are thinking.

Except nearly every night of my life since 2010 I am either making videos, maintaining and adding to my websites (I had a site before this but it was taken down) while most people are chasing money, I like to chase knowledge and keep fit! I rarely drink but I do love weed and many drunken old fools have warned me about the dangers of weed, with their red faces and big bellies. Makes you paranoid they claim, NO, it makes you think.

So next time you are calling me a lazy stoned prick think of how much work I put into some of my videos, days, weeks months, years. When you was pissing your hard earned money up the wall I was sitting here reading library books. When you sit there reading Facebook, Instagram and all sorts I was searching the Internet for information to add to my videos and learning how to create your own website.

When you were lying in front of the TV pissed out of your tree I was exercising to keep myself fit. The picture below is me, I’m not showing off, I’m just asking a question; Does this look like the body of a lazy person?





YouTube have been employing oppressive tactics since Google took over near enough but lately they have got even worse. At one stage YouTube were literally punishing me for uploading videos! Every time I would upload anything I would lose 10, 20, 30 subscribers instantly! I believe they were trying to put people off uploading certain types of videos (videos that expose their puppet masters of course.) But the last few weeks Google are feeling no way in removing subscribers for nothing other than the fact they hate freedom.

The few days my website has received hundreds of new sign ups yet my YouTube channel has not made many subscribers. In fact it makes a few than loses a few over and over. Its like Google have finally conceded defeat, the only way to beat us is to prove us right? We are free to think what we have been told to think, we are free to say what we want as long as nobody is offended.

The trouble is just because you are offended does not make you right.