I’m starting to I hate this fake place, fake people in my face
Invading my space with their ignorance and hate
They love to talk shit, lie and gossip
They follow their fake friends and the all lame trends
It’s a selfish society, of selfies and money
Narcissistic and greedy, corporate logos and slavery
That’s capitalism for you, so what the fuck should we do?
They say it will not change and what I find strange
Is that shit would be true if we all thought like you
Desperate and scared and pleased to be spared
It’s time to use your mind to think instead of destroying it with TV and drink
Because the lives that we led, of self-obsession and greed is destroying the planet and it leaves people in need
For most his shit gets to deep and it’s easier to stay asleep.

This world is so fake people claim to be awake
Yet their sitting in Starbucks sharing selfies on Facebook
They read corporate media despite the fact they feedin ya
Racist hate spreading bullshit but we still act on it, somehow they believe when they sit and read it
The people that notice that this is all bullshit are dismissed as mentally ill conspiracy theorists
Yet everywhere we look that it’s the same opinions we see on radio in newspapers and all over TV
They believe they should be the only ones that you are allowed to listen too they will tell you what to think they will tell you what to do.
Go to school yeah take a seat now listen obey and repeat
Get a job, pay your taxes
Get a wife and have your own kids
Say goodbye and kiss them before you hand them to the system.

We live a nation that lives on the exploitation of foreign people yet we hate immigration
People pay the price for our greed as we thieve our media spread hate, propaganda and deceive but still we are so fast to read it and believe.
We should ask who is telling us these so called facts you automatically believe.

You can stop accusing me of hiding behind anonymity now.

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