Conservatives seem to think that love for Britain is love for the hierarchy, the monarchy and our silly dated traditions. Conservatives seem to think that not loving these things makes you unpatriotic, an extremist and sometimes even a potential terrorist! If that is true I am an unpatriotic extremist! I believe in equality and I believe that traditions like aristocracy, hierarchy, monarchy and bullshit the class systems that we British value so highly, work against equality. The average simple minded Brit seems to think that love for our German Royal family somehow makes you patriotic, how does that work? What makes me feel patriotic is not our monarchy, our stupid dated traditions or the greedy hierarchy. It is not even watching the over-paid, under-performing football team in fact lately I support who ever they are against! What makes me proud to be British is the beautiful countryside and wildlife. I also love our history it is full of insane rulers, greed and corruption. Although our lame education system seems to forget to mention it to our youth Britain has fascinating mythology full of stories of Goblins, Fairies, man eating Giants and many more strange creatures and interesting stories. I love the choice of food that immigration has bought with it. Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, Iranian, Turkish, Jamaican and Mexican foods are all huge favorites of mine and all these foods can be bought from most cities in Britain. I even love the English weather especially the rain.

Hierarchies, aristocracies, monarchies and the greed, social conditioning and snobbishness that comes with them is not something that British people  should be proud of! In fact Britain and the British people should be ashamed. I believe in people, freedom and equality if that makes me an extremist or a hater of Britain than I guess that is what I am.

I do not believe in over privileged, rich boy, conservative snobs that look down on anyone that has less than them or anyone that is different to them, they are so arrogant they have the nerve to point fingers and call people extremists, radicals and terrorists just for having opinions that are not the same as their opinions (even though most politicians opinions and policies are actually decided by money, lobbyist decide what a politician stands for and believes in.)  I do not believe in narrow minded, hypocritical, right winged, non thinking racists that use the mainstream media that they own to stir up race hate and attack people that claim benefits.

Not believing in these things is considered extreme and radical by many conservative minded people, the strange thing is their own beliefs and traditions are the strangest, most racist, ignorant, extreme and most dangerous set of beliefs I have been had to listened to, they believe in oppression.


The College Conspiracy Full Documentary


The College Conspiracy Full Documentary – College Conspiracy is the most comprehensive documentary ever produced about higher education in the U.S. The film exposes the facts and truth about America’s college education system. +++++ How To Get The Best Grades With The Least Amount Of Effort – +++++

‘College Conspiracy’ was produced over a six-month period by NIA’s team of expert Austrian economists with the help of thousands of NIA members who contributed their ideas and personal stories for the film. NIA believes the U.S. college education system is a scam that turns vulnerable young Americans into debt slaves for life.




YouTube are still refusing to pay WOLVOMAN80 for the 17 million views that my channel has now received. Thank you to the literally thousands of people that have and still do send me messages of support, I cannot reply to all messages (most are quite old by the time I read them due to Google fucking up the comment section on YouTube) but I do see them, thank you it is well appreciated and it is probably the only reason that I still do this.

This video is a small clip from Fuck the System (Below) Volume 2 By WOLVOMAN80. This video is blocked in two countries and hidden in to the deep dark corner of YouTube.



We in Great Britain are told that we have the right to free education no matter how poor we are, but is that true? I do not believe it is, school uniforms cost a fortune for a start, another point is does the “free” education system actually provide the children of the United Kingdom with the skills and knowledge that they need to start work and independent life? For me schools in the United Kingdom spend more time programming our youth and marketing their products to our youth and not enough time actually teaching our youth. Children are now more likely to leave school with a date (prom nights are becoming a regular part of school life in the UK nowadays) than a decent education or qualifications. Schools completely fail to inform children about world issues such as poverty, corporate exploitation, British politics and current affairs, they also fail to promote and reward creativity and independent thinking instead of this schools now reward repeating, doing as you are told and respecting authority.

I have no faith in the education system (or anything else that is run by our government) as for education being free below is a list of “educational school trips and events” that the school have attempted to sell to my children in the last six weeks.

Trip to Snowdonia £11.50

Watch England vs Wales Rugby World Cup £3.50 chili at half time.

London Art Museum £160.

Tickets to Worcester Warriors vs Northampton Saints £20.

Trip to Belgium £350 approx (I cannot find the exact price.)

Sports trip to Amsterdam £365 (price based on all 44 tickets sold, if all 44 tickets are not sold price will rise accordingly.)

Young voices 20th anniversary celebrations £20.

Other trips have included Italy £500 (approx) and foreign exchange trip to Germany £500 (approx)

If I were to pay for every school trip it would cost me nearly £2000 this comes after the cost of uniform, school bags, shoes, trainers, football boots, internet for homework and whatever other shit we are forced to buy for our children’s “free” education.

I believe that schools spend too much time trying to teach GCSE papers to children, the schools are more worried about low pass rates than teaching, this effects the children’s learning negatively because instead of learning a vast array of knowledge and information they are instead forced to repeat small sections of subjects over and over until it sinks in well enough for them to repeat it on their GCSE papers, is that education?