Boxing Champ Tyson Fury Reveals Zionist Control Of Media

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World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Tyson Fury, openly talked about a Zionist hand behind modern decadence and their undeniable control over media.

“Who runs Hollywood? C’mon”…

World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Tyson Fury, openly talked about a Zionist hand behind modern decadence and their undeniable control over media.

Over the years, Fury has attracted the ire of said media for holding what they consider to be “controversial views on homosexuality”. Fury believes that Britain and much of the West is heading down a slippery slope toward decadence and says this slope will eventually lead to the legalization of pedophilia in some capacity.

There is much evidence for this claim. The FarLeft has a history of attempting to legalize child sex under the ridiculous notion that children should have sexual agency. Gay activists in the 1960s openly worked with Child Sex groups. Recently, the Jewish ex-PR Specialist for Nintendo of America, Alison Rapp, openly spoke about this particular view (which was not representative of Nintendo). FarLeft media has been pushing the idea of pedophile rights for decades and a so-called psychologist is even claiming that a sexual attraction towards children is a legitimate sexual orientation. Fury’s claim of a slippery slope is not invalid by any means.

“Nintendo’s Public Relations Employee Alison Rapp Now Vocal for Pedophiles”…“Paedophilia a ‘sexual orientation – like being straight or gay”

Fury revealed these views in a candid hour long Q&A video where he discusses his training routine for his fight with Vladimir Klitschko. He speaks earnestly of his convictions against the promotion of transgenderism and homophilia to children, even pointing out a Zionist control of media which promotes this decadent agenda. He went on to point out the promiscuous behavior of both men and especially women leading to the rise of sexual diseases. Fury also revealed that Klitschko is an alleged bi-sexual and that Fury’s views are one of the reasons Klitschko wants to fight him.

“TYSON FURY Q&A IN DEPTH from Klitschko training camp!!!”…

Much of Fury’s convictions come from his devout Christian values. He stands firm in the belief that society has turned its back on God and will eventually pay the price. Who can argue with that when most marriages end in divorce while half of societies children do not live with their fathers. The most shocking recent story was of a father forced by the Supreme Court in Canada to identify his own 11 year old daughter by male pronouns.

“Canadian Court Orders Dad To Start Treating 11-Year-Old Daughter As A Son”

The reaction of the press from Fury’s honest revelations only proves Fury’s words. The media has attempted to slam him as ‘foul-mouthed’ despite little to no swearing. Numerous Left & Right leaning media outlets have called his claims vile despite no argument against him. How can a man be vile for being against rape? The media is in a frenzy. Again, Fury’s warnings hold substance. The government has deliberately ignored the rape of working class white girls by Muslim gangs for supposed fears of being called racist. The mass molestation of German girls on New Years Eve was hushed away until people came forward in the alternative press. Rape crime has been rapidly increasing in the UK since 2004 and yet nothing is being done about it. While rape may not be legally sanctioned, it certainly isn’t being dealt with. Working class white girls from broken homes are fair game for non native predators.

In further news, groups against ‘Anti-Semitism’ have called for Fury to be stripped of title and banned from the sport, all because Fury dared to point out what is well known and well documented.The fight to reveal Truth has gained another ally. The medias hold over the mass mind is losing its grip. #TruthWillOut 

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How Tyson Fury Rose From The Ashes

A Story Of Mental Health. Deontay Wilder has one of the most dangerous right hands in boxing history. Many of his opponents have taken it only to find that one clean shot alone was all he needed. That said… How in the world did Tyson Fury come back after taking such a devastating shot clean?

Thank you for joining me as we take a closer glance.

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Illegal in 17 countries.. Why i do not believe in the holocaust Part 1

Holocaust denied…WOLVOMAN80…

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William Coombes

Video description taken from YouTube…

This is William Coombes. He is describing the removal of children’s bodies to the furnace, which was always on & out-of-bounds for the kids. Then Coombes very briefly describes the visit by the queen of England Elizabeth to his Kamloops Indian residential school in 1964 during her first state visit to Canada. A number of children were taken on a “picnic” with the royal couple & 10 of them were never seen again.

Kevin Annett, perhaps the most hated man on the internet, discovered & began exposing the crimes of the Indian residential schools system as a clergyman in the early 90’s. Annett has been circulating the story of the Kamloops Kidnapping for many years & has earned immense vilification. The internet is filled with pages accusing Annett of all kinds of lies & abuses. *edit – if you page down to the replies you’ll see that we at AN are on the receiving end of similar vilification for posting this video* Yet every single horror exposed by his investigations into the Canadian Genocide of Children & many more besides have been proven true by the Canadian Truth & Reconciliation Commissions findings of 2015.

The TRC was hobbled in advance by refusing any submission from survivors of the IRS who accused anyone directly of murder or child abuse but the Commission was still forced to accept that Canada, the Canadian & Catholic Churches systems & the British Crown conspired to genocide the children of Indians so as to “kill them off” & deny them the future rights to their land, some of the richest in terms of natural resources on the planet. This is a crime against humanity the truth of which is only now beginning to leak into the popular consciousness. William Coombes died not long after making his accusations against the queen to camera.

RIP William Coombes.


At the end of  the First World War people began to say a phrase that at the time was a promise made to each other and future generations… That phrase was Never Again! What did they mean?

I think they meant Never Again will they fight elitist wars and allow full generations wiped out for the benefit of a few…

Never again will they be used as puppets and pawns by the elite…

Never again will they full for media hype and propaganda..

Unfortunately just 22 years later World War Two was declared and surprise, surprise it happened again.


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Red Dead Redemption 2 is it the new Rise of the Robots?

Below is corporate hype published by the Sun 2 days ago (on the day of the release Red Dead Redemption release.) Since this article was wrote the Metacritic score for this game has dropped to 6.7 on Xbox and 7.6 on PS4. Spider Man and a huge host of other games have a much higher on Amazon RDR2 scores 4.3 these decent but not great scores are in direct contrast to the reviews of mainstream YouTube gaming channels and Mainstream Media.

The Sun Explain.

“Red Dead Redemption 2 is ranked BEST game of the decade on Metacritic

We described the long-awaited title as the “best game you’ll play for years to come” – and everyone else seems to agree”

I can’t review this game as I am yet to purchase the game and after reading comments from people that have bought the game on Amazon and checking out its user rating on metacritic I am in no rush.

This is beginning to feel like Rise of the Robots all over again…. I am not saying that RDR 2 is going to be as bad as a game as Rise of the Robots was but the corporate hype and silly high reviews this game has received do not seem to be being echoed by all consumers.

For those that are not as ancient as me; Rise of the Robots was a game that recieved silly hype. And silly high scores and good reviews by many gaming mags at the time (not all though.) One magazine rated even better than Doom which was one of the earliest and best attempts at a first person shooter that still plays well today.

Rise of the Robots game was terrible, broke and boring. I very much doubt RDR2  is that bad but I also am beginging to doubt its going to be as great as many YouTubers and MSM are saying it is. Rise of the Robots killed many gaming magazines off as they were seen as untrustworthy and biased, could RDR2 begin a similar trend?

I need to play the game to decide what is happening but Metacritic ( users scores it 7.6 on PS4 and 6.7 on Xbox at the time of writing this article) and Amazon reviewers seem to show its a good solid game but long winded, bugs, slow and “too many chores” keeps coming up over and over.

I love open world games so I will get it one day (probably) but I will wait for a price drop it allows time for Rockstar to fix the glitches and bugs and start an online service for the game as well which will most likely also be full of bugs and glitches upon release.  

If this game turns out to be as average as some are saying it is this game could be remembered as one of the most epic fails in the modern day gaming industry.

Spiderman, God of War, the Witcher 3 and huge host of other games  all score better than RDR2 on Metacritic user ratings and Amazon, worrying times for Rockstar. 


Metacritic scores show RDR2 was not as well recieved by the consumers as it was by YouTube gaming channels and the gaming media.


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