Jamaican Thai from SweetWorld on Dream Market

I was pretty excited about writing this review, Reason being is that many moons ago I used to buy my weed from a Jamaican geezer in Wolverhampton. This Dealer used to sell a lot of Jamaican weed and I used to love it. It is not as intense as some skunks but it was always one of my favourite smokes.

I have not smoked any Jamaican or Thai weed for years (judging by the name I’m guessing this is a cross between the two.)

It looks the same as the Jamaican weed I used to smoke years ago and it smells the same. The smell is nowhere near as strong as skunk which is obviously the reason that they call skunk skunk. But despite not having the strong smell of most skunks Jamaican Thai is surprisingly potent and effects you differently to most skunks.

The effects of Jamaican Thai from SweetWorld include extreme relaxation and minimal paranoia. Nothing can irritate you when you smoke Jamaican Thai except for people telling you to do shit (obviously.)

Jamaican Thai is great for beginners because it does not cause the same levels of paranoia that some skunks can cause but still has a nice mellow effect to it. It is also great value as seven gram of this is less than £20! You really can not go wrong with this product.

SweetWorld (500) (4.88    )
17/04/2018 (today)


Amnesia Haze from Next Generation on Dream Market

I have reviewed Amnesia Haze in the past and though I can not remember my exact thoughts on it at the time I remember it made me tired and sometimes gave me a headache. I also remember it being one of my least favorite strains. Some people did not like my review for Amnesia Haze and some informed me it is one of the better strains.

Since I write that review I have smoked Amnesia Haze numerous times and I have to admit that every time I have smoked it it has been better than the first amnesia Haze I have smoked.

Upon speaking to a grower about this he informed me that the chemicals used as fertilizers can cause headaches and this is especially true when the plant has not been “washed out” properly. By washed out they mean watered a few times towards the end with no added fertilizers.

Amnesia Haze from Next Generation on Dream Market is much better than the Amnesia Haze I reviewed a few months ago. In fact it is a very nice smooth tasting strain and loaded with THC crystals that can help you sleep without knocking you spark out. And this time I have had no headaches or insane tiredness at all.

Amnesia Haze is a very popular strain and it shows all over the dark net in a huge variety of prices. In fact I once seen it for $130 an oz on Silk Road (insanely cheap) and ordered it from an “highly rated” but pretty new vendor based in Poland. The order never shown up, I lost my money and have not used Silk Road since.

Highly rated, established, trusted vendors like NextGeneration is the safest way of ordering cannabis online, in my experience it always shows up. “Bargains” can sometimes be legit but they do come with a risk as I paid $130 to discover.

NextGeneration is highly established and a safe bet they also have a wicked selection of high quality cannabis. I highly recommend this vendor.   

NextGeneration is a very trustworthy and established vendor as shown below.

NextGeneration (17000) (4.94    )

Agora: 1000 deals, Ratings: 5/5
Nucleus: 831 Deals, Rating 4.91/5
11/04/2018 (today)

To purchase Gorilla Glue add /contactMember?member=NextGeneration to the end of a working Dream Market link

Cannabis Strain review Gorilla Glue from NextGeneration on Dream Market

This week I have been smoking a strain of Cannabis called Gorilla Glue purchased from a vendor called NextGeneration on Dream Market. As usual with Dream Market the product is high quality, well grown and properly dried.

Gorilla Glue is an interesting strain of cannabis, not as strong smelling as some yet its loaded with crystals and is very potent. This strain is another strain that has the potential to help people that suffer from sleep disorders such as insomnia, its strong and makes you sleepy. It also helps your appetite and therefore it could be beneficial to people that suffer from certain eating disorders.

Gorilla Glue is potent but what makes Gorilla Glue stand out for me is its unique taste, its lovely. Gorilla Glue tastes savory, a little earthy, cool and smooth on the throat and very natural. Because of its potency it is not really a strain for beginners but seasoned smokers will most likely love it.

NextGeneration is a very trustworthy and established vendor as shown below.

NextGeneration (17000) (4.94    )

Agora: 1000 deals, Ratings: 5/5
Nucleus: 831 Deals, Rating 4.91/5
11/04/2018 (today)

To purchase Gorilla Glue add /contactMember?member=NextGeneration to the end of a working Dream Market link

DrugsIncUK Lemon Silver Bubble, Cannabis Vape Cartridges and Lavender Kush Shatter on Dream Market

DrugsIncUK are definitely one of my favorite vendors on Silk Road and Dream Market. They supply very good quality skunk at a fair price and have a very high rating. The Lemon Silver Bubble is one of the best Skunk’s I have smoked this year but the skunk is not what makes this vendor one of my favorites!

The 1 ML Vape Cartridges are brilliant. The Cartridges fit on to most e-cigs only instead of being loaded with boring nicotine they are loaded with cannabis oil! These are great for anybody that wants to smoke cannabis without the strong smell or the need for tobacco. They are very potent and the effect seems to be a lot quicker than your usual methods of smoking cannabis, I felt high within seconds of taking a puff.

The Cartridges are one of the best products I have tried on Dream Market but this vendor has something else just as interesting and potent!

DrugsIncUK (1000) (4.96    ) (346, 4.97/5) (254/1/1)
Nucleus: 346 Deals, Rating 4.97/5
02/04/2018 (today)

This Lavender Kush Shatter is probably my all time favorite product I have review or ever smoked! When I first seen it I was a bit confused about what to do with it. It looks and feel like honey but this stuff is as sticky as glue. I decide to use a blunt rounded knife to smear it on to a little on a Rizla and roll a normal spliff with it (using the Lemon Silver Bubble.) The spliff was strong, tasty but also clean, it tickles the throat without being harsh or making you want to cough your guts up.

Two hours later and I am still feeling the effects of the Lavender Kush, this stuff is mental , I highly recommend that you try it now. .


DrugsIncUK (1000) (4.96    ) (346, 4.97/5) (254/1/1)
Nucleus: 346 Deals, Rating 4.97/5
02/04/2018 (today)

Add /contactMember?member=DrugsIncUK to one of the addresses below or any working Dream market 

PEACE-INC SPECIALIST in hash on Dream Market


PEACE-INC on Dream Market stock high quality Hash at a good price. Products sold by PEACE-INC include Bubble Hash, Yellow Lebanese Hash and soft Marroc hash.

For more information Add:   /contactMember?member=PEACE-INC to the end of one of the following working links (listed below)


Super Lemon Jack and GreenFingers (Dream Market vendor) REVIEW

This week I have worked hard. I have worked hard smoking and testing all different kinds of cannabis purchased from Dream Market. I feel like its getting to the stage where I say everything on Dream Market is brilliant because I have not received a bad product (from any vendor yet.) I have received skunks that are not as high quality as others its always been at a discounted price and value for money is important.

I am more than satisfied with everything I have purchased from Dream Market and everything I have tested for my site.

This week I have been testing some of the products sold by a vendor called GreenFingers. And as usual (on dream market) the quality is impressive. I received three different types of skunk and all three were high quality, well grown strains my favourite being the Super Lemon Jack (I received some called sky walker and Gelato as well and these were also very high quality, potent and fairly priced.) They were all great but that Super Lemon Jack is so distinctive and tasty.

The Super Lemon Jack has a very thick smoke and a lovely almost bitter taste and it was zesty and potent as well. I definitely recommend you try it, its up there with the best. I love this kind of skunk its a bit different from others but still very strong. Its the kind of skunk that makes you want to chill out and watch some crazy documentary about quantum physics or something very nice.

GreenFingers  (1750) (4.96) 

NEW LINKS UPDATED add; /contactMember?member=GreenFingers to of of the working link addresses below.

Super Lemon Jack Scores: 9.2


Hash and Vendor review – PEACE-INC on Dream Market

PEACE-INC on Dream Market specialize in Hash, I recently sampled three of their hash products and as usual (the quality of the cannabis on Dream Market is always high) I was more than satisfied. I sampled soft Marroc, Yellow Lebanese Hash and Bubble Hash and all three were high quality smokes and very good value for money.

PEACE-INC is a great vendor all three products are surprisingly potent (especially the bubble hash.) I highly recommend this vendor to anybody that is a fan of hash. This is brilliant value of money and I Guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Add:   /contactMember?member=PEACE-INC to the end of one of the following working links



Vendor and cannabis review. JungleBoyzEU on Dream Market. Moby Dick Ice Hash REVIEW.

This review of Moby Dick Ice Hash from JungleBoyzEU on Dream Market comes with a pretty funny story!

This morning I received a package from JungleBoyzEU, this package had Some Moby Dick skunk, THC gummy bears (yummy) Moby Dick wax (80% THC, I’m a bit scared) and some hash. Because it was only 11 o clock in the morning and I had stuff to do I decided not to smoke the skunk instead I decided to have a small spliff of hash figuring hash is not as strong as skunk and much less likely to completely fuck me up.

As I begin to burn the hash expecting it to crumble (as hash usually does) I notice this one does not. “OK, not a problem, its just squishy hash” I thought so I roll it in to thin lines. I had not smoke squishy hash for at least ten years and the squishy hash I was smoking back then was not particularly strong. The squishy hash I was smoking this morning was ridiculously strong. In fact it was stronger then skunk. I end up sitting at my desk blankly starring at my computer before canceling everything I had to do and going back to bed! At over £300 an OZ this stuff is not cheap but sometimes you really do get what you pay for. This is one of the strongest smokes that I have ever tried and its delicious.

The taste is lovely, no harshness just a very cool, strong potent smoke that is stronger than skunk! Even at its high price I highly recommend you try it NOW. This product ships from Spain and takes about one week to arrive to the UK.


If the link above fails add /contactMember?member=JungleBoyzEU to one of the alternative links.


Moby Dick Ice Hash scores ; 9.2


Trusted and highly rated vendor with HIGH quality cannabis on DREAM MARKET. Radarbreeder.

radarbreeder (1350) (4.97    )


24/01/2018 (today)
This week I have been smoking cannabis from Radarbreeder. I have had Amnesia Haze (a super strong and tiring strain of skunk great for people that suffer from sleep disorders, I guarantee you smoke a bit of good quality Amnesia Haze and you will sleep in fact staying awake becomes the problem.)
I also had Stardawg and Fromage Blue both are lovely smokes. This is a high quality vendor with very high quality weed and a very good rating of 4.97 (anything over 4.85 is good 4.97 is among the best I have seen. Lots of satisfied customers, I strongly recommend this vendor. All his products are high quality so what you purchase is a question of taste.

Highly rated and TRUSTED DREAM MARKET vendor PROline



Add to the end of address



Strawberry Cough from PROline. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, HIGH QUALITY  PRODUCT. One of my very favorite skunks from a trusted, highly rated Dream Market vendor.  


Tot browser needed


Buy High Quality WEED @ Dream Market from;

Username MrCronk

Use one of the following links through a Tor browser

Add; /contactMember?member=MrCronk#conversation to any working link

Working links.

Why and how you should be using Dream Market. NEW LINKS UPDATED 12/02/2018

This post is not suitable anybody in the world. I suggest you leave immediately.

Millions of people in the UK already use drugs and they are usually over charged on poor quality drugs for doing so. The war on drugs is nothing more than a small part of a much larger war. The war on your freedom.

I smoke weed and through blogging I earned a little bit of cryptocurrency. This could not have come at a better time because at the time I was struggling to buy food never mind smoke weed.

After going a couple of weeks without smoking weed but smoking lots of cigarettes to make up for it I decide to try Silk Road. I purchase a few small orders thinking if one does not come through at least one of the others should. To my surprise they all come through and the difference in quality and choice to what we find on the street is ridiculous. Silk Road had trouble and went down which caused me problems (I lost 80 USD.) I also fell for a dodgy vendor cost me another 135usd which was finalize early (below are some trusted vendors from the United Kingdom.) I would not finalize early on Silk Road or Dream Market unless you have used the vendor before or he has a high and established rating.

Silk Road went up and down shortly after this and despite months of me sending them polite messages I found myself being ignored. I thought Fuck Silk Road I will try Dream Market and I have used only Dream Market since.

First thing that you need to use Dream Market is Tor which can be downloaded @ https://www.torproject.org/download/download-easy.html.en

Next thing you are going to need is an account you can sign up for Dream Market at the following links. If One is down try the next one. There are extra links at the bottom of the page in case none of the below work.


Next thing that you need to use Dream Market or any market like it is some Bitcoin. Bitcoin can be purchased from many places this is one of them https://localbitcoins.com

If you are buying bitcoin exclusively to use on Dream Market pay your bitcoin straight in to your Dream Market Wallet using the Bitcoin address provided. This usually takes 20 minutes to clear (I had one take 24 hours once so do not panic if it does not show instantly though it usually does.)

From then on it is as simple as choosing the product that you want to purchase and how you would like it to be shipped. Anything valuable is better tracked and delivery can be the next day or as many as three days. One package took two weeks to show up! By the time it had shown up the vendor had already reshipped another which somehow beat it.

One of my all time favorites Super Silver Haze


PROLine (20) (4.95    )  


฿0.00086 £5.13 (GREAT VALUE)
Europe, Worldwide

MrCronk (1000) (4.92    )

PROLine (20) (4.95    )  


The Darkest Blackest Market of them all!

The police and governments of the United States and United Kingdom are spending a lot of time and money fighting the “black markets.” These markets are usually only available through browsers like Tor. The man that started Silk Road and paved the way for the phenomenon of the “black markets” is named Russ Ulbright.

Russ Ulbricht was charged with money laundering, computer hacking, conspiracy to traffic narcotics, and procuring murder. The charge of procuring murder was removed from the indictment although the evidence was factored into Ulbricht’s sentence. Ulbricht was convicted of all the remaining charges after a jury trial that concluded in February 2015.  He was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole on 29 May 2015.

His arrest and imprisonment has done nothing to halt the success and progress of these markets. This got me thinking, what is the darkest blackest scariest market of them all. After just a couple of hours of searching I think I have found a contender!

The Market I am talking about sells many products on a daily basis including drugs, alcohol and strange sex toys. There are a few examples below. I will NOT share the links because they are too fucked!

Even many of the products that are seemingly innocent involve cruel working conditions, low wages, tax evasion, lobbying, exploitation, thievery, murder. I am of course talking about the blackest, darkest market of them all. AMAZON!




Bringing the dark-net to the light

16/11/2017 (today)
I have to write a review on the Egyptian Hash yet so I’m not going to say too much for now other then BUY IT and TRY IT (unless your are under 18 in that case drugs are bad. Now go and eat your chemically filled cancer causing sweets and be quite.)

Cannabis Strain Review. California Orange.

This week/month I have mainly been smoking California Orange an old school classic, dating back to at least 1980! The California Orange I have my hands on in dense and looks very well grown.  They call it California Orange so I was expecting a citrus taste and smell I didn’t really get that. Maybe the California Orange I have my hands on is a little matured. The smell of it reminds me of Black Cardamom!

Review continues below. 

This California Orange does not have a strong smell even when smoking it does however have a nice taste. Very different to anything I have smoked recently and very nice. The effects include hunger, dry mouth, a little tiredness and relaxation and they creep upon you. Upon smoking it does not have an immediate effect in fact I was beginning to believe it was a weak strain until about twenty after I stopped smoking. Suddenly I find myself stoned, very stoned! It is uplifting and does not come with any paranoia.

California Orange Scores 8.1

Best so far…

G13 HAZE 9.4

Super Silver Haze 9.1


Super Lemon Haze 8.5

Critical Kush 8.4

Lemon Sour Diesel 8.2

The Ultimate 8.2

California Orange 8.1

Afghan Kush 8.1

Moroccan Pollen Hash 8.1

Amnesia Haze 7.9

White Widow 7.7

Jack Herer  7.5

Follow link for more reviews http://wolvoman80.co.uk/?cat=3057

Do you want me to review your weed? Email me at mikey.h.1980@googlemail.com


????7g Cali Orange B+ “Reseller Special”
฿0.00643 (about £35 at this time)
United Kingdom

Quality Cannabis at a good price!!! MrGreenery on Dream Market

Recommended product

????7g Cali Orange B+ “Reseller Special”
฿0.00643 (about £35 at this time)
United Kingdom


Dream Market vs Silk Road vs The Street…

For millions of people around the world so called “black markets” has saved money, offered a better product and saved the hassle of relying on street dealers. I have been smoking weed since I was about 14 and I have used all three methods (street, Dream Market and Silk Road) to purchase weed all three have their advantages.  Which do I prefer?

The Screenshot below is Silk Road and the one above is Dream Market, they are both easy to use and they both offer lots of choice much cheaper than you are likely to pick it up from the street. You may have to wait a few days though because you have to rely on the postal system to bring it. It seems very unlikely that your package will be stopped by the Royal Mail (though I did lose one once, that the Royal Mail informed me was destroyed in Chester!)

In my experience the vendors have been brilliant if they need to reship most do without complaints (which is good of them because it is hard/impossible to prove that you did not receive the product.)

Street deals come with one HUGE advantage it is ultra unlikely that when performing a street deal a postman is going to intercept the deal and keep the product for himself. My postman has taken a few (vendors have reshipped one would only do a 50% reship!) This promoted me to complain to the Royal Mail since my complaint my letters and post seem to get through.

I prefer the layout of Dream Market, both sites can be slow and both sites (especially Silk Road lately) are down regularly.


The street dealer is probably the quickest way to get weed but they can be inconsistent and they are usually limited to what they can get their hands on. The street dealer also usually offers no refund service if you are dissatisfied. Vendors on Silk Road and Dream Market have to worry about their rating as a vendor and therefore they do not want to upset people.

Despite these ratings problems do emerge sometimes and dodgy vendors get through…

I have had problems on both Dream Market and Silk Road.. Dream Market sorted the problems out instantly (a few hours) refunded my Bitcoin, I have been VERY impressed with their customer service. Silk Road not so much… They ignore you and seem reluctant to help..

Thats why DREAM MARKET WINS for my money..


Recommended product

????7g Cali Orange B+ “Reseller Special”
฿0.00643 (about £35 at this time)
United Kingdom
Using a Tor Browser click the Dream Market logo below to view Dream Market.