Introducing the real WINSTON CHURCHILL – WOLVOMAN80

Looking at Winston Churchill’s war crimes, Zionist connections, Royal Blood, family history, World War 2, Boer War, Bengal famine, Indian famine, genocide, mass murder. Also looking at Jack the Ripper, Prince Eddy, King Edward the 7th and more Free Download @  

They Live We Sleep – 2017 – DOCUMENTARY – WOLVOMAN80

They Live We Sleep RE-UPLOADED – Due to a non moving view count as Google continue to hide my videos from even my own subscribers. Google DO NOT pay me even close to a fair wage for these videos because according to Google and their corporate advertisers I am not […]


Download links and DVDs at my website… These videos have been uploaded before but strict political censorship has prevented them from being viewed please share everywhere. THE TRUTH IS FUNNIER THAN FICTION and FUCK THE SYSTEM 3 by WOLVOMAN80 FREE DOCUMENTARY DOWNLOADS…..


FREE DOWNLOAD UPLOAD AND SHARE ANYWHERE YOUTUBE ARE NOT COUNTING VIEWS AND LIKES AND BLOCKING COMMENTS FOR THIS VIDEO PLEASE SHARE. We live in a celebrity culture and we worship celebrity vultures and corporate whores to me its torture they’re brainwashing our sons and daughters. I can’t even stand to […] now has its own video player, more videos added soon.

My website now has its own video player!!!! Fuck YouTube and their fake view counts, their hate for the truth, their love of propaganda and corporate made shit.. YouTube is now CorporateTube and like everything that corporations get their hands on it’s shit. More videos added soon, sign up for […]